Create a sleek indoor-outdoor space

July 22, 2015 - 2 min read

A new trend that has emerged over the last few years is the seamless indoor-outdoor living space. Whether you’ve just added a new deck or want to make the most of your patio or pool area, the indoor-outdoor space can be beautiful and functional (not to mention potentially add value to your property!).

Here are some tips on how to design a sleek space that is easy to use—as well as create the perfect entertaining area while you’re at it.

Looking to create an amazing outdoor space that just seems to flow from interior to exterior? Get the look with these ingenious tips. We’ve also found some amazing builders across Queensland who can help build your perfect space within your budget.

Know your colour schemes

Remember, the key to having a seamless indoor-outdoor space is to tie it all together. Choose colours that you’re happy with both for your interiors and exteriors. Your colour palette should work both inside and outside, to create a space that feels united—you want outside to feel like a continuation of the inside space.

Upgrade old single doors

Think floor to ceiling windows, big double French doors or long bi-folding doors—all these options will really open up your living space and allow for easy inside-outside transition. The point of the indoor-outdoor space is to make it as easy as possible to move from inside to outside, and those old single sliding doors just won’t cut it for this style. Investing in some bi-fold doors will create that open space—fantastic for entertaining or keeping an eye on the kids!

Choose continuous flooring

Having similar flooring inside and out, such as hardwood, can make the transition from indoor to outdoor even more seamless. It’ll feel natural to move from the living area to the deck. Wooden floors will also tie in the foliage and nature of your outdoor space.

Invest in some hardwearing outdoor furniture

Hardwearing doesn’t have to mean ugly or uncomfortable! Investing in some comfortable and beautiful décor for your outdoor space means you will more likely use it! Just be sure to take good care of it—small things such as spraying cushions with waterproofing products, as well as installing some ceiling fans to keep the air from getting stagnant, will help protect your outdoor furniture.