How to pet-proof your home!

July 22, 2015 - 2 min read

Pets are great additions to the family—they offer unconditional love, plenty of laughs and great snuggles. They can, however, be a huge hazard to our lovely clean homes. Here are our tips to help keep your home clean!

If you’re fed up with Fido ruining your floors, or sick of walking past an unsightly litter box, then we’ve got the best solutions to making your pet fit right in. Check out these great options to pet-proofing your home and making it a place you both love to live in! If you’re in Emerald, we’ve also found some great contractors and stores to help you transform your space.


Make pet furnishings super stylish

There is nothing worse than cat hair all over the couch, or an ugly, tattered dog bed in the corner of your lounge. One way to make peace with the pets in the home is to give their beds a stylish makeover. No matter the style of your home, there is an easy DIY pet bed to match! Rustic decor? Try your hand at creating a pallet bed for your furry friends. Do you prefer feminine vintage styling? An old suitcase can easily be transformed into a new sleeping spot for your pet!

Hide the ugly necessities

Things such as food bowls and kitty litter trays are necessary, but not so pretty to look at! Try building in cabinets, drawers or cupboards that keep the unsightly pet necessities at bay. Installing built-in food bowls into a bottom drawer in the laundry, and hiding the kitty litter away inside a cupboard (with a cat flap, of course) are two ways to make having a pet in your home just a bit more comfortable.

Install a cleaning station

This should be an obvious solution, but keeping your pet clean is the best way to keep the stink out of the house. Build yourself a little pet-cleaning station at the back door—a bath, hose and cupboards to keep all your pet products will make the job that little bit easier. If your pet is like a child to you, you might even consider turning part of the laundry into a dedicated pet-zone!

Opt for easy-to-clean surfaces

However well-trained your pets may be, they can still wreak havoc on a clean home. Opt for easy-to-clean surfaces so when there is a little accident in the home, it can be cleaned up without the stress. For flooring, choose tiles or laminate as it isn’t easily damaged and any spills or mess can be mopped up easily. If your pet has a habit of flicking food on the walls or rubbing up against things they shouldn’t, ask about special durable paint options for easy-to-wipe walls.