One of the largest islands of the Whitsundays, Hamilton Island also happens to be one of the most beautiful. This gorgeous landscape is popular with tourists and has its own airport; so grab yourself a flight and experience the wonders that Mother Nature gifted to this part of the world. 
Palm Bungalows

Step inside to luxury, Palm Bungalows - Hamilton Island
Step inside to luxury, Palm Bungalows – Hamilton Island

If you’re looking for a location which really embraces the true essence of Mother Nature, look no further than Palm Bungalows, located on Hamilton Island. Hidden inside beautiful landscaped gardens, these unique bungalows will allow you to experience accommodation like you have never before. With all private rooms homing individual balconies, you are able to sit out in the fresh open air and feel at one with nature. Each bungalow is tastefully decorated and complete with a modern walk-in shower, fully equipped kitchenette and comfortable king-size bed. This is the perfect place to enjoy with your loved one or best friend for a relaxing and tranquil trip away. While staying in this tropical paradise, be sure to take a walk around the local area to witness the beautiful wildlife and stunning views that call this desirable island home.
Where: Resort Drive, Hamilton Island, QLD, 4803

Snorkelling at Hamilton Island

Take the plunge - Hamilton Island
Take the plunge – Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is home to some of the most stunning oceans in the world; bright turquoise waters that glisten with marine life is just the norm at this heavenly location. In our opinion, the best way to witness these crystal clear seas is by snorkelling – so remember to pack a mask, snorkel and a pair of flippers in your luggage and hit the big blue for a once in a lifetime experience. If you’re new to the sport and haven’t got your own snorkel, don’t let this deter you from experiencing the wonders of the ocean. Simply head down to the local snorkel hire shop and rent the kit for free – this is just one of the many benefits when staying at the Palm Bungalows.
Where: ​Catseye Beach, Resort Drive, Hamilton Island, QLD, 4803
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Airlie Beach is yet another location which has been generously gifted by Mother Nature. Home to gorgeous scenery and equally stunning oceans, it is the perfect destination to visit for long weekend away or extended trip.
Seabreeze Tourist Park

Tranquil and comfortable, Seabreeze Tourist Park - Airile Beach
Tranquil and comfortable, Seabreeze Tourist Park – Airile Beach

Located in the heart of Ailrie Beach is Seabreeze Tourist Park. With over 13 acres of shaded grassland, this location is the most glamorous tourist park in the area. If for you, nothing celebrates Mother Nature better than camping out in the wilderness and immersing yourself in nature, be sure to make this location your home for a weekend away. Is glamping more your thing? Hire out one of the new Bali Villa’s at Seabreeze Tourist Park, which are pleasing to the nature-loving eye and extremely modern. Inside the villa’s enjoy luxuries such as air-conditioning, queen sized beds, comfortable sofas and large screen TVs, which will make your stay as comfortable as possible. Last but not least, take time to fully experience the naturalistic views from your private balcony as you enjoy breakfast or an afternoon drink.
Where: 234 Shute Harbour Road, Cannonvale, QLD, 4802

Walk through nature

Conway National Park

The natural wonders of -Conway National Park
The natural wonders of -Conway National Park

Okay – so we all know that this area is famous for its turquoise ocean, but what many people don’t know is it is also home to some of the most beautiful tropical rainforest’s and rural walks in Australia. This International Mother Nature Day, pack a bag, slip on your boots and take a drive to Conway National Park to explore the hidden treasures that this location holds so dear. Along your adventure discover eye-catching waterfalls, protected forests, rocky cliffs and a simply stunning 35 kilometre scenic backdrop which will be sure to make your jaw drop.
Where: Cape Conway, QLD, 4800
Where will you be celebrating International Mother Nature Day? Enlighten us below!