While we all love our coffee, with the wild weather in Wollongong at the time being please be sure to stay safe on the roads when venturing to these cafes.
The Giddy Goat

lovely coffee art, The Giddy Goat - Wollongong
Lovely coffee art, The Giddy Goat – Wollongong

Located just a kilometre south of the University of Wollongong, stop in at The Giddy Goat for your morning heart starter before a day of lectures and tutorials. While your journey through university is one of excitement and opportunity, sometimes spending too much time in one place can drain your energy. The Giddy Goat’s location means you can escape the stressful university environment for a nice coffee without having to travel all the way to Wollongong CBD. However, location isn’t the only thing this little gem has going for it, their coffee is some of the tastiest in the entire Wollongong area. Step inside The Giddy Goat today and order a vegan pie or homemade sausage roll to go with a premium blended coffee for the perfect start to the day.
Where:  225 Gipps Road Keiraville NSW
Nadia’s Cafe Wollongong
light lunch options, Nadia's Cafe Wollongong  - Wollongong
Light lunch options, Nadia’s Cafe Wollongong – Wollongong

nadi'sIf you’re a uni student passing through the Wollongong Central you have to stop in at Nadia’s Cafe Wollongong. This cosy little cafe is home to extremely friendly staff who you’re sure to become friends with after Nadia’s Caffe Wollongong becomes your regular pre-uni coffee stop. The coffee here is nothing short of delicious, but the meals are where they really come into their own. If you’re running late for class, grab a ham and cheese croissant and cappuccino to go; otherwise sit down, lick your lips and choose from a range of hearty cafe style feeds which are sure to hit the spot. Note – servings are quite generous, so if you’re a student with a big appetite don’t hesitate about under ordering.
Where: Wollongong Central 200 Crown Street Wollongong NSW
Charlie Lovett
Perfectly blended coffeee, Charlie Lovett - Wollongong
Perfectly blended coffee, Charlie Lovett – Wollongong

It goes without saying uni students and coffee go together like hand in glove. Fortunately for students, Charlie Lovett are serious about their coffee. They work with farmers from across the globe to make sure their beans are always seasonal, maximising both taste and aroma. So every time you come into this cafe to get your caffeine fix, whether it’s in the form of a cappuccino or espresso, you know the coffee will be of the highest quality. Have we forgotten to mention the food at Charlie Lovett? Choose from an array of breakfast and omelette options to start your day; if your classes aren’t until later, you can satisfy your lunchtime cravings with a burger, pizza or salad selection. The open planned dining area and rustic surroundings also make it a great place for group meetings with fellow students or to bring your laptop and do some work on the run.
Where: Shop 119 Wollongong Central Shopping Centre Wollongong, NSW
Yum Yum Bakery & Cafe
Delicious pre-uni selections, Yum Yum Bakery & Cafe - Wollongong
Delicious pre-uni selections, Yum Yum Bakery and Cafe – Wollongong

Yum Yum Bakery and Cafe is exactly how it sounds, yum yum. If you’ve got a soft spot for a few treats to go with your morning coffee, then your eyes will light up once you step foot into this family owned cafe. It doesn’t matter whether you’re stressing about an exam or having trouble with the uni workload in general, one taste of the cappuccino and New York cheesecake combo and you’ll completely forget about all your woes. Not a fan of coffee? They also have a smoothie range that’ll give you that much needed energy kick in a more natural way. You won’t be disappointed if you make Yum Yum Bakery and Cafe one of your stops before a day at Wollongong University.
Where:  451 Crown Street Wollongong NSW
Do you have a favourite Wollongong cafe to fuel up before a day at uni?