Car Owner’s Guide to Dealing with Rust

August 15, 2015 - 3 min read

You wouldn’t think a little bit of pesky rust on your car could do much damage, but you may want to think again. Check out our guide to checking for and preventing rust, and some handy folks who can help you get fixed up again.

Rust is your car’s worst enemy! Not only does it give off a dirty orange-brown colour that taints its look, but it can also eat away at the machinery and tarnish the performance and safety of your vehicle. Don’t wait until it’s too late! If you’re worried about rust in your car, then the best defence is a good offence. Early rust detection coupled with a few general anti-rust car care techniques, can prevent rust before it ends up costing you thousands of dollars down the track. We’ve got a few tips to help you battle dreaded rust, as well as what to do if you find some!

What is rust?

Since your car is made up of iron-based metals, it will always be prone to oxidisation (AKA rust). Despite engineers and scientists working on advanced alloys and coatings to stop the oxidisation process, the unstable chemical makeup of these iron-based metals make it prone to rust in the natural environment.

Rust detection

Any unusual looking orange-brown stains, bubbles in your paint or suddenly soaked floors after you drive over a puddle are tell-tail signs that your car is rust damaged. Also, try focusing on your wheels, either side of your fenders and inspecting your wheel wells, as this is often the first place you’ll find rust. Rust can appear on any of your metal surfaces, so the most important thing is to have your car serviced regularly, as your mechanic should be able to tell if your car is rust damaged.

Rust prevention

Any exposed bare metal will oxidise in the natural environment, so it’s important that your car has a full coat of paint and that any nicks or chips are quickly covered up with some touch-up paint. Also, a build up of dirt can hold moisture and promote rust. Make sure you’re washing your car consistently and giving the undercarriage a good high-pressure wash. There are also a range of rust-prevention products on the market that all work with varied effectiveness.

Tips to live by

– Be extra careful in winter, as morning frost and rain can fast-track rust
– Regularly wash your car and its undercarriage
– If you’re using a car cover, ensure that it allows your car to breathe and there’s no moisture trapped underneath
– Purchase thick floor mats, so wet shoes don’t seep through the carpet and rust your floors
– Purchase mud flaps to protect your wheels from rust-causing flying debris and dirt build ups

What to do if you’ve found some rust

Bad rust damage has the potential to severely impact your car’s performance and safety. If you think your vehicle might be rust affected, then it’s time to visit your local mechanic. They can analyse the damage and give you some expert advice on what to do next. Perhaps you just need help detecting rust? We’ve featured a couple of Wollongong mechanics that you can count on to do a good job.

Precision Automotive & Performance

If you’re looking for a mechanic who can provide a high-quality service to go with friendly customer service, you can’t go past Precision Automotive and Performance. Whether you’re worried your car might have some rust damage or you just need some general repair work done on your clutch or brakes, the trustworthy mechanics here can do all this and a load more! When’s the last time you’ve had your car seen to? Call Precision Automotive and Performance today and let them take a look under your bonnet.
Where: 2/33 Bellambi Ln Bellambi NSW

Perre Bro Mechanical Repairs

Located on Montague Street, Perre Bros Mechanical Repairs will be happy to help with any of your mechanical needs. Whatever your problem may be, if it’s car related then the team here can provide you with a fully personalised service. Open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm, Perre Bro Mechanical Repairs specialise in everything from mechanical repairs and servicing to vehicle inspections and more! With more than 150 years’ combined experienced, call Perre Bro Mechanical Repairs today and book your car in.
Where: 55 Montague St North Wollongong NSW

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