Spring cleaning 101

August 14, 2015 - 2 min read

Its time to clean the house! Stop putting off all the little jobs and refresh your home with a scrub and a mop. Keep reading for our top tips for spring cleaning.

Before you start

Check you’ve got the correct cleaning products! This can include, but is not limited to:
– All-purpose cleaner
– Latex gloves
– Glass and surface cleaner
– Mop and bucket

Make sure you’re organised

To make spring cleaning that little bit easier, it’s best to get organised. You want to check you have the following items ready before starting:
– A box for stuff you want to throw away
– A box for stuff you’d like to put in storage
– A box for donations
– A bucket for all your cleaning products

…and it’s time to begin:

Make a plan

By taking a few moments to establish a plan of action, what may seem like a huge job suddenly seems easier to handle. Cleaning room by room in a uniformed way (i.e. surfaces before floors) will make spring cleaning a lot more tolerable.

Clear the clutter

Firstly, you’re going to need to clear the clutter inside every room in the house. Make sure you remove all appliances from surface areas, as this will allow you to easily prep the area for a good clean.

Clean all surfaces

Now your surfaces are bare, you can start with the spring cleaning! Start by wiping down all surfaces, appliances, windows and floors, before moving onto objects such as the blinds and furniture. 
Top tip:
 Be sure to use your plan of action for a thorough clean.

Tackle the refrigerator

Lets be honest, nobody like cleaning the refrigerator! It may seem like an daunting task, but by breaking it down shelf by shelf, this job becomes more manageable. After giving your appliance a thorough clean, try to keep on top of your hard work by throwing out old food weekly and giving the surfaces a wipe down regularly.

Update the decor

Spring cleaning is a great way to breathe new life into your home. By playing around with the positioning of your furniture and updating small touches such as bed linen, flowers, cushions and throws, you’re about to give your house a completely new look, without much cost.

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