Port Macquarie is home to a number of fantastic cafes that pose as the perfect place to relax after a yoga class and enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal. Whether it’s early morning or mid-afternoon, you can find what you’re looking for in Port Macquarie.

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The Yoga Shala

Find peace, The Yoga Shala - Port Macquarie
Find peace, The Yoga Shala – Port Macquarie

As you walk through the doors of The Yoga Shala, you are instantly transported to a place of peace, tranquility and relaxation. This experienced location is home to a number of fantastic classes that help you strengthen and detox your body. Practicing Ashtanga Yoga, each movement during your class is linked to your breath, creating a bridge between your body and mind. If you’re looking to clear your thoughts and focus on nothing but your movement, the classes at The Yoga Shala are perfect for you.
Regardless of whether you’re a first timer or dedicated yogi, there are a number of classes at this tranquil location that are perfect for every level. If you’re looking for a less strenuous class, perhaps the basic led classes are the perfect choice for you? Enjoy one hour and fifteen minutes of breathing techniques, dynamic yoga postures and guided relaxation. With sessions running everyday bar Sunday (including a number of morning classes), be sure to visit The Yoga Shala for peace of mind, body and soul.
Where: Level 1, 157 Gordon St, Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

Visit one of these cafes after your session

The Appletree Soul Food Cafe

Healthy treats await, The Appletree Soul Food Cafe - Port Macquarie
Healthy treats await, The Appletree Soul Food Cafe – Port Macquarie

The Appletree Soul Food Cafe is the ideal location to relax in after a morning yoga session. This peaceful cafe is home to friendly staff as well as delicious food and an extensive drink list that is ideal for a post-yoga brekky. Take a seat in this welcoming and modern cafe as you choose from their unique menu, including dishes that ooze with nutrition and vitality. If you fancy something a little indulgent after your morning stretch, order one of their many delicious smoothies alongside a freshly baked muffin from the counter. After something a little more wholesome? Dive into a filling brekky off their morning menu alongside a perfectly poured coffee to top it all off. Whatever you fancy for breakfast, make sure you visit The Appletree Soul Food Cafe for the perfect post-yoga cafe experience.
Where: 1-3 The Parade, North Haven, NSW, 2443
The Fig
Dive into deliciousness, The Fig - Port Macquarie
Dive into deliciousness, The Fig – Port Macquarie

Visit The Fig for a breakfast to really fill you up. If your stomach won’t stop rumbling after your morning stretch, this location is the ideal spot to take residency while indulging in a filling brekky. Home to a diverse menu packed with both classic favourites and unique dishes, you’ll be sure to find something that tickles your tastebuds. If you’re looking for something nutritious to enjoy this morning, don’t go past the Healthy Start. This breakfast comes with fresh avocado, sliced tomato and poached egg, served with ricotta cheese on toasted sourdough. In the mood for a morning tea? The Fig showcases an extensive list of T2 teas including refreshing blends such as chai, gorgeous geisha, sencha, peppermint and lemongrass and ginger. Relax in this tranquil environment and enjoy a fantastic breakfast after your morning yoga session today.
Where: 17-19 Horton Street, Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444
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