Raid My Wardrobe

Happy shoppers - Raid My Wardrobe
Happy shoppers – Raid My Wardrobe

Founded by Newcastle mum, Rachel Prest, this fantastic event is now one of the most celebrated fashion events in the area. This Sunday, Raid My Wardrobe will be home to more than 50 stalls, selling anything from handbags, jewellery, shoes and clothing. Regardless of your body shape, style or taste, you’re guaranteed to find something to fall in love with! As well as an overload of fashion, this Sunday’s event will host the Preloved Bra Drive where you can donate your old bras that are in good condition to disadvantaged women via the Uplift Project.
After the event, why not visit one of the locations below. Whether you’re keen for a pick-me-up coffee, filling lunch or a few Sunday session drinks, we’ve found the ultimate cafesbars and restaurants for you!

Moor Newcastle East
Modern and welcoming, Moor Newcastle East - Newcastle
Modern and welcoming, Moor Newcastle East – Newcastle

Looking for somewhere with as much style as Raid My Wardrobe? Pop down to Moor Newcastle East. This contemporary and modern cafe specialises in delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners – so whether you’re feeling peckish before or after the fashionista event, this is the perfect place to visit.
There’s nothing like starting the morning right, especially when you’re got a big day lined up! If you’re looking for something to give you a kick, make sure you grab one of their house-made cold pressed juices. Prefer caffeine? Don’t worry, this fantastic cafe serves up some of the best coffee in the area, crafted by their super friendly and attentive staff. Pop down and say hello to the crew at Moor Newcastle East today.
Where: 33 Hunter Street Newcastle NSW 2300
FogHorn Brewhouse
The best beers in town, FogHorn Brewhouse - Newcastle
The best beers in town, FogHorn Brewhouse – Newcastle

Okay, so you’ve been rummaging through the stalls at Raid My Wardrobe all morning and you’re absolutely starving! There’s only one thing for it, and that is jumping in the car and heading straight to FogHorn Brewhouse. This unique diner is home to some of the best beer in the area, as well as a number of mouth-watering meals that will fill up the hungriest of bellies.
Nothing beats a succulent burger paired with a crisp, cold pint. If you’re one for this traditional combo, make sure you set your eyes on their list of NY Deli Classics and Burgers that will be sure to hit the spot. For beer, choose from any of their house-brewed flavours that are ever so distinctive. For a light Sunday drink, order the Summer Ale straight from the tap. Whether you choose to eat and drink at the FogHorn Brewhouse is absolutely delicious and definitely won’t let you – or your tastebuds – down.
Where: 218 King Street Newcastle NSW 2300
Love Tree Cafe
Welcoming and relaxing, Love Tree Cafe - Newcastle
Welcoming and relaxing, Love Tree Cafe – Newcastle

If you’re craving something delicious after Raid My Wardrobe, there is no better place to visit than Love Tree Cafe. Located on Beaumont Street, this one-of-a-kind cafe is home to unique decor, fantastic service and some of the tastiest cafe cuisine in the area. Step inside this quaint location and sink into the luxurious and comfortable furniture as you sip on a perfectly brewed coffee.
Whether you’re looking for somewhere to take a moments’ break before heading to the event, or looking for a location to enjoy a lazy lunch after your shopping spree, Love Tree Cafe is the ideal spot for you. Want to continue your day in style after Raid My Wardrobe? be sure to visit this little Newcastle gem!
Where: 54 Belford Street Broadmeadow NSW 2292
If you don’t already know, Newcastle is a great place to go out for a few relaxing drinks. Check out these three locations that are sure to impress!
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