Carry-on luggage essentials for domestic flights

August 11, 2015 - 2 min read

Have a flight coming up and not sure on what you can and can’t pack? Well we have all the essentials laid out for you, so you don’t get caught out.

One outfit: Pack one spare outfit (including underwear) in the event the airline loses your luggage. By the time you need to change again, hopefully your luggage has been returned or you have had time to purchase more clothing.
Snack and water: A snack such as a muesli bar, protein bar or popcorn will keep you from purchasing the expensive plane snacks. Also bring a bottle of water to save a few dollars.
Earphones and phone charger: Bringing your own earphones will not only save you a few dollars but offers you the escape of listening to music or watching a movie on your phone or tablet to pass the time. Again, in case your luggage is lost, bring your phone charger so you can be contacted if your battery dies.
Medication and prescriptions: Bring enough medication to cover the length of your trip plus several days. In the event of losing your medication or a prolonged trip, bring a prescription to keep you covered. Also packing histamines and migraine tablets is also advised so you are prepared for any allergic reactions or headaches.
Beauty Essentials: A small makeup case containing concealer, powder (mirror compact), mascara and lip balm will ensure in the case of a lost bag, you can still look presentable. In a zip-lock bag include a travel-sized hand sanitiser, moisturiser and tissues.
Valuables: Pack any expensive jewellery, cash, car keys and cameras in your carry on. This is a sure-fire way your valuables are not damaged by rough handling, lost or stolen.
Chewing Gum: Not only to keep your breath fresh, but for the take-off and landing to stop your ears from popping.
Frangrance: No need to bring a full-sized bottle to keep you smelling fresh. Decant your favourite perfume into a smaller 500-millilitre travel spray atomiser or roller-ball tube.
Documentation: Bring any paperwork you may need for your flight (boarding passes), to confirm a hire car and transport or to check into your accommodation.

Note: Each airline has different restrictions on carry-on luggage size and weight limits. Ensure your check your airline’s carry-on requirements and any limitations on what you can pack on a domestic or international flight.

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Have we missed one of your carry-on essentials? Tell us in the comments below!

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