Simple tips for personalising your wedding

August 11, 2015 - 2 min read

Planning your big day does not have to be stressful – We’ve found some simple tips to personalise your wedding.

From the engagement party through to the wedding reception, check out these fresh wedding ideas to suit any personality type! When all of the big arrangements have been taken care of, find a local florist for those little, flowery details.

The engagement party

1. Champagne towers are always a fun option, and also double as decoration for the table!

2. Create a Mad-Libs style game for your guests to play using your proposal story.

3. Pick your favourite time of the day, and throw the party for then. Don’t feel obliged to always hold your party in the evening!

The wedding

1. Get creative with the wedding program. Make it humorous, light-hearted and relatable for your guests for a fun, personal touch.

2. When it comes to your bridal party, don’t feel confined to deciding on a single dress or colour. Sometimes, an array of complementing colours on your bridesmaids can add some much-needed colour to the wedding.

3. Set up picnic blankets for your guests to sit on instead of chairs—complete with picnic hampers and pillows. This is perfect for outdoor weddings.

The reception

1. By the end of the night everyone’s ready to let loose, have a dance and a drink. End the night by hiring a food truck for all those late-night food cravings!

2. Music choice is important but satisfying everyones musical tastes can be difficult. Add a DJ song request to the bottom of your RSVP cards. Your guests will be happy and your playlist will practically make itself!

3. For a fun twist on the guest book, make a time capsule for your guests to leave notes in at some point during the day/night. The two of you can open up the barrel of advice/memories/photos on your one year anniversary.

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