5 big benefits to solar power in your home

July 10, 2015 - 2 min read

Thinking about switching to solar energy? Find out everything you need to know, plus the top 5 ways it can benefit you and your home.

Save the environment and your money! There’s a lot of confusion at the moment surrounding solar power. Is it really as beneficial as they say? The answer is, yes! If you’re willing to invest a little money now, it could save you much more down the line. If you’re considering solar power for your home, we’ve done some research on the benefits. Read on to discover why solar power may be beneficial for you!

Benefit 1: Increased home value

Just like installing a quality pool and renovating your home interiors can boost its potential value, so too can installing solar power systems. In fact, in a recent survey by realestate.com.au and Origin Energy, up to 85% of Australians believe solar power adds value to property, and renters say they would pay more per week for a home with solar power. So not only will solar power reduce your bills (see below), it will also potentially add value to your home or investment!

Benefit 2: Lower bills

It’s no secret that electricity bills are steadily climbing, making solar look more and more affordable. Once your solar system is all installed and ready to go, you’re essentially getting your power free from the sun, which means little-to-no energy bills! In some instances, your local government may may even be reimburse you for producing extra energy for the grid!

Benefit 3: Low maintenance

Solar panels require little-to-no maintenance to run properly. There are no moving parts and nothing to wear out, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected repair bills.

Benefit 4: Eco-friendly

Solar technology in itself is a fantastic solution to reducing our carbon footprint. They’re quiet; create no pollution and harness energy free from the sun. Using solar panels reduces the need to use other non-renewable resources, which means the more we switch to solar, the less we use sources that harm the environment. Solar panels also offset their own production footprint, with cells generally producing more power within 5 years than was used making them!

Benefit 5: Savings, savings, savings

Just imagine how much you’d be saving a month with reduced power bills! With solar power, you’re saving the environment and putting more money in your pocket.