Tips to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

August 17, 2015 - 2 min read

Read our tips to help enhance your natural beauty!


If you’re hoping to glam up your look with a touch of colour, eyeshadow is a great option for you. We’ve done our research to find out exactly what shades work best with each eye colour—check it out below!

Brown – Do you have beautiful brown eyes? Then you’ll be happy to know that almost every shade will perfectly complement your features. This can include shades such as pink and green, as well as shimmery colours such as copper and gold.

Green – To give your green eyes the ‘wow’ factor, try applying purple eyeshadow. You don’t need to go overboard with the application, however the darker you make the shade, the more your eyes will pop! Not into purple? Green eyes can also be complemented with warm brown tones for a more natural look.

Blue – Blue eyes suit earthy tones such as dusty browns, taupe and even slate-coloured greys. This can be applied as a gentle splash of colour, or enhanced with a smoky-eye design for an impressive look. Prefer a bit of colour? Try gentle shades such as light pinks and purples!

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Skin tone

Depending on your skin tone, different shades will complement your features better than others. For some tip top advice on what colours and shades best suit your skin tone, read on!

Fair – If you have fair skin, soft shades and shimmers should be your new best friend. Whether you opt for a champagne-coloured highlighter or a dusty-pink blush, your skin is bound to glow if you follow this simple rule!

Medium – For medium skin tones, try experimenting with more natural-based colours and shimmers. A sheer application of shades such as copper, gold and bronze, will help to enhance all of your facial features!

Dark – There are so many ways to add depth to your beautiful, dark skin tone. This can include playing around with bright lip glosses and warm cheek tones, as well as opting for more natural earthy tones for your eyes and lips.

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