Backyard clean-ups made easy

July 17, 2015 - 2 min read

Finishing a renovation or spring cleaning can lead to a large amount of clutter and debris. Here are our tips to easily clean up!

So you’ve finished your kitchen and other home renovations, and have turned your attention to the backyard. Often, our yards become cluttered with all types of debris and junk that simply accumulates over the years—especially if it’s not a space you use very often. Whether you’ve just bought a property that needs some landscaping TLC, or you’re tired of your overgrown yard, it might be time for a clean up! The good news is it doesn’t have to be difficult, or even take an entire weekend. Here’s how to turn a cluttered yard into a nice, open space.

Ready to tackle that backyard so it’s ready for the warmer months? Take a look at this great step-by-step guide to clearing that clutter!

Step 1. Prepare

What do you want your yard to look like when you’re all finished? Having a plan of attack is the best way to ensure you get the overall look you want. Once you know how you’re going to tackle the mess, you’ll need to make sure you have everything you need. Be sure you have some gardening gloves, big garbage bags, sunscreen (even in winter!), shears and some clippers. Having this all ready before you start means less interruptions during the process.

Step 2. Make a list

Everything is easier with a list—especially if you like to be as organised as possible. So get out there, write down everything you want to do, in the order you want it done. This way, when you find yourself staring at the mess, you will know where to start!

Step 3. Weed and fertilise

Whether it’s at the top of your list or the bottom, weeding your garden is an absolute must if you want a healthy, green backyard. This work can get quite dirty and tough, so be sure to wear gloves and keep a bottle of water nearby! Once you’re done weeding, add a layer of fertiliser to your garden to give them the nutrients they’re craving. This will allow your plants and flowers to grow healthy and strong, ready for spring!

Step 4. Organise the mess

A great way to make your clean-up even easier is to have a bin/bag ready for green waste, and one for normal garbage. This way, when you’re ready to take the waste offsite, it’ll be much easier to establish what’s what, and where it needs to go.

Step 5. Hire a professional

The easiest way to clean your backyard is, of course, getting someone else to do it! If you’re not really the green-thumb type, there’s no shame in bringing in a professional to get it done quickly and efficiently.