A home renovation for the happy couple

August 18, 2015 - 2 min read

Looking to begin renovations to help create your dream home? Here are some fantastic ideas and simple ticks to make your renovation process go smoothly!

Moving in together is a big step, and now that you’ve committed this far, it’s time to rethink your home surroundings. If you’re ready to delve into the revamping journey together, here are some brilliant home design inspirations to get you started. With some forward planning, and the help of some great local tradies can be the difference between pleasure and pain in a home renovation. We’ve found the best tradies to help create the home of your dreams.

The classic his/hers approach


Think double basins in the bathroom, or a segmented walk-in wardrobe. The two of you may have completely different approaches to the ways in which you organise your spaces. This is what makes the ‘his/hers’ approach foolproof. No longer will you have to quarrel over space, or argue about toothbrush placement. You each have a personal space that you can adjust to your personal needs and routine, without imposing on theirs.

Create a boudoir


When revamping your home as a couple, putting a lot of thought into your bedroom space is important. As your intimate space, you can create a beautiful room that works on different levels to suit any mood you want. Whether you opt for dark, dramatic colours and fabrics, or keep things light and airy, your bedroom is all about the two of you, so let your interests shine through!

Respect the space and keep things simple


It’s important not to clutter up your rooms too much. Having different tastes may create busy-looking spaces that could turn into an eye-sore. Getting the balance right is imperative to a harmonious and breathable space. Keeping things as simple as possible in the beginning allows you to keep space for the memories that you’ll make together in your new phase of life, such as holiday souvenirs and photos. This simple approach to redesigning your space could also save you a heap of money for more important aspects of your reno!

A bathroom fit for both of you


Incorporating larger showers and bathtubs is a popular trend at the moment. Whether you want to add an indulgent spa bath or a shower fit for two, the bathroom doesn’t have to be for only one at a time! Expanding your bathroom essentials can also create another space for you to share, rather than just personalising the bedroom. No longer will you struggle to get ready for work in the morning when you can both use the bathroom together!