1. Keep it Short & Sweet

The happy couple, Arrow Photography – Newcastle

Plan a simple “shot list”, which details the people and combinations for group photos and portraits. This list will make it extremely easy for the photographer to wrap up the session much quicker, and remove that distant relative or wedding crasher that you don’t want in your wedding photos. Some combinations you could include:

  • Bride & Groom with both sets of parents
  • Bride & Groom with the entire wedding party
  • Bride & bridesmaids
  • Groom & groomsmen
  • Bride & Groom

2. Have a Loose Schedule

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Portrait photos can actually be completed quickly when everyone needing to be in a group shot is organised and ready-to-go. This may give you some extra time to take some spontaneous shots around the venue with family and friends. Adding elements such as the architecture of the venue will make your day even more memorable.

3. Let there be Light

Lighting really does make all the difference in photographs. It can transform the photos to convey all the emotion and happiness you experience on your special day. Early mornings or late afternoons are known as the “golden hour” for taking photographs as the sun bathes the setting in a soft, warm glow. Chat with your photographer about the best lighting setups and best places to shoot according to the time of your ceremony.

4. Ignore the Camera

Stock image
Stock image

When you’re hypersensitive to the photographer, it results in stiff and awkward photos, which is not how you want to remember your wedding day. While it does sound strange, ignore the camera completely and just enjoy your wedding day. Trust your photographer to capture those candid moments and you will have natural looking photos without the cheesy smiles or poses.

5. Relax!

The flower girl after a hard day's work, Arrow Photography - Newcastle
The flower girl after a hard day’s work, Arrow Photography – Newcastle

Sometimes, the best photos are the ones you don’t even plan. After months spent arranging your dream wedding, it’s finally time for you to relax and enjoy your special day. The portrait and group photos have all been planned, which means there’s nothing more for you to do except walk down the aisle. Let the photographer take creative control. They look at the world through the lens and know the most magical moments to capture that you may not have even planned.

To capture those special moments on your wedding day in Newcastle, check out some of these local photographers.

 Newcastle Photo Booths & Professional Photography

Enjoying the celebrations, Newcastle Photo Booths & Professional Photography – Newcastle

Since 2011, Newcastle Photo Booths & Professional Photography has been providing professional wedding photos to the Newcastle region. Their photography services include:

  • A selection of photo booths with unlimited photo strips & video messages
  • Vintage items & bunting for hire
  • Albums & frames

If you’re looking for a unique photography experience, Newcastle Photo Booths & Professional Photography will get the job done. Visit their LocalSearch Profile Page for a full list of services.

Arrow Photography

Paradise wedding, Arrow Photograph - Newcastle
Paradise wedding, Arrow Photograph – Newcastle

These Newcastle photographers offer a number of wedding photography services and packages to ensure your special day is captured. Some of these services include:

  • Wedding albums
  • Digital albums for transferable convenience
  • Video packages

Arrow Photography is happy to travel to where you need them and specialise in island and Hunter Valley wedding photography. For more information, check out their LocalSearch Profile Page.