7 Inspiring Feature Wall Ideas on Instagram

Stuck on feature wall ideas? We’ve picked our favourites from Instagram to bring you a selection of textures, colours and patterns perfect for any room. These inspiring feature walls come from all over the world, so you’ll get plenty of ideas for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room—or entire house!

7 quick feature wall ideas:

  • Timber or timber-look.
  • Exposed brick or brick wallpaper.
  • Stone.
  • Wall decals.
  • Bold colour statements.
  • A painted scenery.
  • Actual leaves…

A great feature wall should both be a focal point and blend seamlessly into the style of the room. Take the humble exposed brick wall, for instance. Ten years ago, it was common for homeowners to plaster over and paint a brick wall white. But today, they’re celebrated for their rustic simplicity—a natural feature wall, if you will

We’ve scoured Instagram for our 13 favourite feature wall ideas to give you some inspiration for your own home or office. There is something for everyone with simple paint colour swaps to stand-out pieces to be the bell of the ball.

Also, we haven’t been biased where these photos come from. If we saw a wall we liked anywhere in the world, we added it to the list. Think your feature wall should make it to the list? Email it through to marketing@localsearch.com.au (Attention: Feature Wall Bloggers) and we’ll see what we can do!

The Best Feature Wall Ideas from Instagram in July 2019

For a cosy and contemporary home, a timber feature wall will do the trick.

It took a lot of restraint for us not to add every single timber feature wall image we saw on Instagram but here is one of our favourites. Adding wood panelling to a wall instantly adds a luxury contemporary warmth to the room and suits every style from modern to rustic.

Maybe it is how timber brings the outdoors in, but there is something about adding this feature wall idea to a home that makes it extremely welcoming.


Remember, feature walls aren’t only for indoor spaces.

It’s easy to forget you’re looking at someone’s backyard with this stunning outdoor feature wall. The addition of the fountain feature really makes the setting feel like that of a resort, instead of the humble home pool. 


Bring back the brick feature wall!

It wasn’t so long ago that exposed brick walls were quickly plastered and painted over. Not anymore! People are loving the exposed look so much, they’re using brick wallpaper if they don’t have the foundations to have the real thing.


A feature wall idea so realistic, you’ll have to look again.

A feature wall doesn’t have to be paint, wall paper, brick or timber. Wall decals can create an effortlessly effective focal point, such as the below idea.

We had to do a double glance to make sure some of those stems weren’t real!


Who said a yellow feature wall is a bad idea?

If you’d told us when we started putting together this article that we’d be including a yellow wall, we’d probably have lost ourselves laughing. But this yellow wall is bright and beautiful, perfectly complimented with bold furniture and a white ceiling.

It goes to show, don’t be afraid of colour when playing with ideas for your feature wall.


We couldn’t forget feature wall ideas for the kids.

Imagine having this stunning jungle-themed room as a child. The décor and toys perfectly accentuate the concept, tying everything in nicely.

Kids rooms are actually a great place to start experimenting with feature walls as you can go big and bold from the beginning. Get that confidence up!


Timber floors and grassy walls—what a match made in heaven.

We know deconstructed food has become a thing, but deconstructed trees? The timber floors and leafy wall make the store almost feel like the inside of a magical realm or treehouse.

While you may not go with the actual leaves, think about using a print or be inspired by the colours for a nature-lover’s paradise.


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