Instagram’s Best Festival Clothing from Splendour 2019

Coachella, eat your heart out! Splendour in the Grass 2019 brought us some of the best fashion we’ve seen in in the festival’s 17 years. We’ve scoured Instagram for our favourite festival clothing and accessories so you can reminisce on the fun if you went or to give you even bigger FOMO if you missed out.

Splendour in the Grass is over for another year—but the festival clothing reviews are just getting started. Our head office team have narrowed down their favourite looks from the #splendour2019 and #splendourinthegrass hashtags on Instagram to give you inspiration for your next festival.

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Our Favourite Festival Clothing from Splendour in the Grass 2019

Festival fashion is all about the accessories.

Talk about embracing Byron Bay’s boho vibes. Check out Lisa’s page to see exactly how to master accessories across an entire three-day festival.

Festival clothing is all about being comfortable and true to your spirit.

We can just imagine the many layers of Natascha’s outfit whirling around her as she jammed out to the weekend’s headliners. Festival fashion is all about expressing your true self through your clothing, down to a pair of thigh-high white boots and purple-tipped hair.

Or, you could just go as a mermaid.

No, seriously…

Was it even Splendour if you didn’t see someone in a hot pink and zebra print suit?

Fun festival clothing isn’t just for the ladies. Gents, get your statement pieces out and stand out from the crowd. And if you can, make sure it’s weather appropriate, as Byron Bay in winter can get super chilly.

Go hard or go home, both in practicality and style.

Is it just us, or do a lot of this year’s festival goers look like they’d be cold? Adri here nailed the fashionable in the middle of winter brief with a flowy dress, cowboy boots and coat. Take a close look at the detail along the fur lining.

There is the wrong way to do colour blocking, and then there’s the right way…

Madelaine’s festival clothing may all be one colour but it’s sure effective. Check out her Instagram for her other colour-blocked ensembles over the weekend.

Dungarees will always be in style.

“Awwww, dungarees.” Tell us James’ festival clothes here didn’t take you back to your childhood, even for a second. We love the bright shirt and super practical sunnies on a string. Trust us—you don’t know you need them until you do.

Did these festival clothes inspire you to jazz up your wardrobe? Time for makeover!

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Feature image source: Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

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