Dry skin

Are you suffering from very dry skin? Believe it or not, this could be caused by a lack of water consumption. When our bodies become dehydrated, the moisture from your skin is drawn away, leaving you with dry, less supple skin.

Bad breath

It may not be an obvious one, but having bad breath can be linked to dehydration. Usually, the antibiotic properties in saliva help to clean our mouths—however, when you’re dehydrated, your body cannot produce enough saliva, leading to bad breath.

Food cravings

Always feeling hungry? Sometimes, the signs that parts of your body (like the liver) send to your brain when they need water, can actually be mistaken for hunger. To work out the difference between feeling hungry and thirsty, be sure to consume a glass (or two) of water before diving into a meal.


One of the most common signs of dehydration has to be a headache. The brain sits inside a fluid sack, which protects it from hitting against the skull. However, when you consume too little water, the sack can become low on fluids, which in turn causes headaches.


Feeling tired and fatigued can be an obvious sign of dehydration. This is because lack of water reduces your blood volumes, making your heart work faster, and in turn, causing you to feel tired. The answer: make sure you consume regular amounts of water. If you’re feeling fatigued more often than not, visit your local Fraser Coast doctor.

Drinking plenty of water but still suffering from dry, dehydrated skin? We suggest visiting the Fraser Coast beauty salons below for a moisture-rich treatment.

Unique Touch Beauty & Massage
Friendly therapists - Unique Touch beauty & Massage - Fraser Coast
Friendly therapists – Unique Touch beauty & Massage – Fraser Coast

As soon as you step inside Unique Touch Beauty and Massage, you’re bound to feel relaxed. Home to friendly staff as well as range of premium beauty treatments, whatever you desire can be delivered at this fantastic Fraser Coast beauty salon. Suffering from dry, intolerable skin? Book in for the purifying facial treatment, which is sure to breathe new life and moisture into your skin. Fancy indulging in more than just one treatment? Check out their selection of tailored beauty packages, which will be sure to leave you feeling refreshed. For all your beauty needs, visit the professional therapists at Unique Touch Beauty and Massage today.
Where: 79 Boat Harbour Dr Pialba QLD 4655

Mineral & Earth Day Spa
Relaxing and tranquil - Mineral & Earth Day Spa - Fraser Coast
Relaxing and tranquil – Mineral & Earth Day Spa – Fraser Coast

Home to professional and dedicated therapists, you’re bound to love every moment at Mineral and Earth Day Spa. From relaxing massages and purifying facials, to waxing, make up and eyelash extensions (as well as much more), this fantastic salon and day spa can see to all of your beauty needs. Located in Pialba, this beauty salon is the perfect place to visit for a few hours of complete indulgence from top to toe. For your skin, check out their supply of fantastic facials, ideal for all skin types. So what are you waiting for? Give the welcoming team at Mineral and Earth Day Spa a call and book your dream treatment today.
Where: Shop 1/40 Torquay Rd Pialba QLD 4655

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