5 items to upcycle in your home

August 12, 2015 - 2 min read

In 2015, industrial and shabby chic designs have taken the home decor scene by storm. While you could spend thousands of dollars on expensive products designed to look worn or industrial, there is a much easier solution—upcycling! Upcycling is taking an old, broken item and transforming it to have a brand new purpose. There are plenty of everyday items that can be upcycled into furniture or decor to be used around the house. Curious? Read on for 5 of our favourite upcycling projects.

Item: Steel drums


New use:

Spot the oil drum – Yatzer

Have a look around on Gumtree and you’ll be able to find secondhand oil drums for fairly cheap. There are so many ways to use steel drums in your home, depending on the amount of time and effort you want to put in. You could use it as your next sink vanity or turn it into a bench—the easiest way to upcycle these is as a coffee table. Cut them in half for your lounge, or leave them full sized and use them as bar-height tables. All you’ll need is a panel of glass or wood for a benchtop!

Item: Old coffee table


New use:

The comfiest of ottomans – Newlywed McGees

Got an old coffee table you’re thinking of throwing out? Think again! While that tattered table might seem fit for the tip, it can be easily transformed into a lush foot stool with just a few materials. Invest in some padding, furniture fabric and industrial staples, and go to town turning that table into a comfy foot stool.

Item: Metal trash can


New use:

The bin is barely recognisable – House of Turquoise

If you have a small metal trash can that no longer has a place in your home, why not upcycle it for your bedroom? Give it a good wash, a fresh coat of spray paint and flip upside down—voila! You have a stylish bedside table.

Item: Washing machine drum


New use:

The perfect fire pit option – Truth is Treason

If your old washing machine has carked it, before you get rid of it make sure to remove the drum first. These can be used for plenty of things around the house, but our favourite is as a fire pit. Add some legs, some coals, and that next barbecue will be a real hit!

Item: Old TV cabinet


New use:

Your dog will love it – Endorsed by Igor

While TVs get thinner and lighter, there is less and less need for a chunky entertainment unit. If you’ve got one lying around the house, why not transform it into an adorable pet crate. Simply take off some unnecessary doors, give it a fresh coat of paint and install a comfy pillow for your pup.