From establishing a routine to making them feel comfortable and excited, we’ve got your back covered when it comes to day care – check them out below!

#1 Visit the centre with your child

Be sure to visit the centre with your child before they enrol. This will let them become familiar with the location, as well as feeling comfortable in your company while they do so. It will also allow you to see if the centre is right for your child, by introducing them to the centre’s facilities, staff members and other children who attend!

#2 Talk about child care in a fun way

Childcare doesn’t have to be scary. By discussing with your child about day care before they enrol, you may even get them excited about the experience. You may want to read stories and draw pictures about day care, or even arrange play dates with other children from the centre!

#3 Get into a routine beforehand

Figuring out a solid routine before putting your child in day care is a great way of getting them used to regular patterns. This can include things such as napping and meal times, although it may not always be possible, it is well worth a try!

#4 Take things from home

Make your child feel as comfortable as possible by taking along a selection of their favourite things from home. This could include toys, blankets or even something that reminds them of you, to let them know that home is never far away!

#5 Don’t sneak out

Pulling the famous disappearing act after walking them into the centre is one of the worst things to do! As a result, it can damage your child’s sense of trust. Instead, keep goodbyes short and sweet. Tell them why you have to leave (e.g. Mummy has to go to work) and be sure to show them some affection.

Now that you’ve had a few pointers, why not check out these fantastic child care centres in Maitland!
Kinda Kapers
Providing quality care for children aged 6 weeks through to 6 years, Kinda Kapers is the perfect place to enrol your child, regardless of their age. Home to a team of experienced and welcoming professionals, you know that your little one is in the safest of hands at this Maitland child care centre. Open from 7:30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, Kinda Kapers is the ideal location for working parents. For more information on this loving child care centre, call in and say hello to the friendly team!
Where: 526 High St Maitland NSW 2320
Tillys Play & Development Centres
If you’re searching for a child care centre where your child’s happiness comes first, be sure to visit Tillys Play and Development Centres. With a number of locations across the Maitland region, this child care company not only offer the highest quality of care, but are also extremely convenient. Family owned and run, Tillys Play and Development Centres provide delicious and nutritional meals, fantastic outdoor areas, as well as offering transition to school programs! Want to find out more? Speak to the friendly owners Ron and Donna MacIntyre today!
Where: 4A Nelson Street Greta NSW 2334
Have we missed out your favourite child care centre in Maitland? Perhaps you have some tips you’d like to share? Tell us about them below – we’d love to know!