4 winter health trends for 2015

July 6, 2015 - 2 min read

Winter coming around and trying to stay healthy might be a struggle. We have some healthy winter foods to keep you in shape.

Bone broth

Bone broth is the latest superfood fad to hit the shores of Australia. It’s a fairly simple recipe—made from boiling bones and various spices to create a bone stock—and it has a huge number of health benefits. Some of these include improved digestion, healthier bones and joints as well as reduced cellulite. These nutritional benefits of bone broth are thanks to the high protein, collagen and mineral content that is extracted from the bone in the process of boiling.


Kombucha is a special type of tea, fermented with a colony of bacteria and yeast. While this doesn’t sound too appealing, the tea is both delicious and hugely beneficial for your health. It not only aids in digestion and gut health (similar to probiotic yoghurt), but is also full of antioxidants and glucosamines that improve joint health and boost your immunity.

Acai Bowls

Acai bowls aren’t a new health trend, but they are one that is still in full swing on the Gold Coast! Made from acai berries, these bowls are a delicious option for breakfast or a snack. They are full of rich antioxidants and nutrients that assist in heart health, help to increase your metabolism and give you a great energy boost (just to name a few benefits).
If you want to try one of these delicious bowls, click here for 3 tastiest ones on the Gold Coast!

Game meat

While a large number of people on the game meat bandwagon are doing so because they’re animal activists, game meat also has a huge number of health benefits. Because game meat is hunted in the wild, the animals have generally been eating their natural diet and getting plenty of exercise. The result? They are a leaner sauce of protein than farmed meats, with less fat content as well as being rich in omega 3.

Do you have a favourite health trend this winter? Let us know your current health obsession below!

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