5 outrageous rooms for your dream home

July 9, 2015 - 1 min read

Are you currently in the process of renovating your old, rundown home? Perhaps you want a room that really stands out from the crowd? Then you’ve got to check out these 5 fantastic feature ideas! Whether you’re keen to create a space that the kids can enjoy, or you’ve always wanted a private wine cellar, we’ve thought of it all!  If you’re planning a unique space for your new or existing home, don’t look any further than these incredible ideas!

No matter your preference, you’re bound to love one of these fascinating rooms…

#1 Fish tank wall

Do you like to be different? Then perhaps a extra large fish tank is what you’re after! This therapeutic wall design looks great in a range of rooms, from lounges and bathrooms to kitchens and bedrooms. Just be sure to thoroughly think this idea through with the professionals before committing!

#2 Library

If you love everything about books, right down to the smell, this is the perfect room for you! This doesn’t even have take up a whole room—you can simply convert half of your lounge into a bookworm paradise! Comfy seating, a good view, great lighting and stacks of books are imperative for this space to excel.

#3 Personal cellar

Have you even dreamt of having your own cellar? Covert one of your rooms into a walk-in space stacked with your favourite bottles! Add a couple of chairs to the room, sit back and see the night away with a glass of your favourite liqueur—if this doesn’t sound like perfection, what does?!

#4 The ultimate play room

If you’re looking to completely spoil your kids with something truly unique, why not covert the old play room into a magical space? Paint the walls with either whiteboard paint or chalk paint, so that they can draw and scribble to their heart’s content!

#5 Open ensuite

Transform your bedroom into a boutique boudoir with the help of an open ensuite! To achieve this look, there’s a variety of options available that will do the trick, including free-standing bathtubs as a central feature, or walk-in showers separated by wall breakers!