Here’s the scenario: you’ve slipped into that bandage dress and are wearing the sky high heels you talked yourself into buying. Your best friend was happy for a night in but there is no way you’re wasting that perfect winged eyeliner on a rerun of Bridget Jones Diary. The guys in your group have already started knocking back Bundy and colas and are getting restless sitting on the back verandah, but you’re not sure which venue to head to. It’s time to check out these local bars for an awesome night in Mackay.

Ruby Rose at Movidas’ opening night

Movidas is a great place to go if you’re up for a good night out. With a regular lineup of DJs such as Havana Brown, Ruby Rose and the Stafford Brothers, Movidas describes itself as an opulent nightclub with an amazing dance floor including awesome lighting and a sound deck. They also host private functions for all night partying if you want a VIP area to yourself and your mates. Why not grab a martini and a private booth for you and your girlfriends before touching up in their one-of-a-kind powder rooms to make you feel like a celebrity.
Where: 9 Gregory Street, Mackay QLD 4740
The Rabbit Hole
Check out The Rabbit Hole’s Midori Milk Bar

Once you’re exhausted from dancing at Movidas, head downstairs at the Mackay Grande Suites to The Rabbit Hole. The Rabbit Hole is a low-key grunge bar, so it’s the perfect place for a craft beer and a game of pool with your mates. If you’re not a fan of beer or cider, you can check out their Midori Milk Bottle Bar and catch up with other young locals and backpackers for a fun night out.
Where: 9 Gregory Street, Mackay QLD 4740
Rum Bar
Rum Bar's famous Long Island Ice Tea
Rum Bar’s famous Long Island Ice Tea

This bar is – you guessed it – a rum bar; however, they are actually famous for their long island ice teas which are the best in Mackay. Natasha, the bar manager, went all the way to the US to train in mixing up this amazing cocktail, so you can bet that it is delicious and potent. Rum Bar is also well-known for it’s incredible variety of cocktails and smooth shots, so it’s the perfect place to go to enjoy a few drinks. This is one not to be missed, as it has raving reviews from locals about its great atmosphere and friendly drinking crowd. Also, if you’re in town for Tuesday the 24th of March, they are teaming up with Silk Oil Of Morocco for a girl’s event including product trials and half price cocktails.
Where: 134 Victoria Street, Mackay QLD 4740
Coco Cubano
Coco Cubano is a Cuban themed hotspot

This Cuban themed bar is loved for its great tapas menu and mojitos. If you’re feeling a casual Friday or Saturday night rather than a night of dancing then check out Coco Cubano’s comfy booths and relaxed vibe. Try one of their specialty mojitos including raspberry, lychee, coconut and the CosMojito (a twist between a cosmopolitan and a mojito), and grab some tapas. Whether you’re after something straightforward like nachos or are feeling up to trying the Patatas Bravas, a traditional Cuban dish, Coco Cubano will have the perfect dish to serve alongside your Cuban themed cocktail. Don’t let the first impression fool you; after a few drinks on a Saturday night this turns into a lively venue unlike any other in Mackay.
Where: 74 Wood Street, Mackay QLD 4740
Ambassador Hotel
The Ambassador Hotel starts the party at 4pm

The Ambassador Hotel describes its Playroom bar as the ‘sparkling diamond’ and entertainment hub of the venue. This bar has 2 VIP stages, a dance floor and a private bar – they’ll even bring you your drinks. If you want something a bit more relaxed head upstairs to Mojo with a view of the nearby rivers and surroundings. The Ambassador Hotel is known as Mackay’s original starter bar, starting festivities at 4pm even on Sunday for their Sundaze sessions which feature awesome DJs and drinks.
Where: 2 Sydney Street, Mackay QLD 4740
Are you a Mackay local? Have we missed your favourite bar? Let us know!