Ciabatta Restaurant

Flourless chocolate with raspberry sorbet, Ciabatta Restaurant - Townsville
Flourless chocolate with raspberry sorbet, Ciabatta Restaurant – Townsville

It doesn’t matter if your are a Townsville local or a tourist stopping by, you simply must visit this restaurant. The vision of Damien Tosh has come to life in the form of Ciabatta Restaurant, a restaurant that has received rave reviews for its focus on quality over quantity. Don’t rush off after finishing your dining experience, remain seated for the dessert menu as it has one chocolate number that must be tried. The original twist on the good ol’ flourless chocolate cake simply takes the whole dish to another level. Indulge in flourless chocolate cake with raspberry sorbet, honeycomb and a warm chocolate sauce that combines the crunchy with the gooey centre of the dish.
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Where: 12 Village Drive, Idalia QLD 4811
Brandy’s Restaurant
Bambino Nutella pizza, Brandy's Restaurant - Townsville
Bambino Nutella pizza, Brandy’s Restaurant – Townsville

If you enjoy chocolate but are looking for something with a lighter taste then try the chocolate mousse at Brandy’s Restaurant. Served with segments of mandarin, the combination between sweet and sour is unbelievable as the juices of the fruit are mixed with the fluffy mousse. Or if you have a severe craving for something a little bit more chocolatey then order their Bambino Nutella Pizza, perfect for those of you who like to incorporate a main meal into dessert. Check out their dessert menu below for more scrumptious after-dinner combinations.
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Where: 30-34 Palmer Street, South Townsville QLD 4810
Max Brenner
Try the chocolate fondue for two, Max Brenner - Townsville
Try the chocolate fondue for two, Max Brenner – Townsville

For the full chocolate experience, head to Max Brenner’s in Townsville. Everything and anything that you could possibly think of is on their dessert menu, from hot chocolate to choc fudge brownies. Our pick to try is the chocolate fondue for two, a pot of pure melted chocolate served with fresh strawberries and dipping sticks for you and your significant other. Slightly on the romantic side, this dessert will win you brownie points and is a great finish to a night out. But if you aren’t satisfied, have a look at their menu for a variety of other chocolate dishes you may not have tasted before.
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Where: Tenancy 2, Central Village 10 Little Fletcher Street, Townsville QLD 4810
That Place on Sturt
Chocolate drizzled waffles, That Place on Sturt - Townsville
Chocolate drizzled waffles, That Place on Sturt – Townsville

Although this isn’t a restaurant, we couldn’t let you miss out on this fantastic cafe for chocolate related meals. Located on Sturt Street, The Place on Sturt has an array of dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. However, for those of you looking for a hearty meal after dinner, try their divine waffles with drizzled milk chocolate, a side of vanilla ice cream and topped with fresh strawberries. It is a simple but signature dessert dish which has locals coming back for more. So, find a table at this friendly establishment and enjoy melting moments with a friend or two.
Where: 256 Sturt Street, Townsville City QLD 4810
If you know another restaurant that serves up amazing chocolate dishes, we would love to know where you go for your fix.