Dog washing 101: Keeping your pup clean

August 7, 2015 - 2 min read

Any dog owner knows that washing your pooch can be difficult. Here is a guide with some easy tips and tricks to help wash your dog and keep them clean!

Behaviour preparation

Before you even think about putting your dog in the tub, you should get them used to the idea. Take them for trips to the bath without even washing them and reassure them with treats. The key to making your dog-washing experience a pleasant one is getting them to associate the bath with happy feelings, not negativity. The secret to this involves giving your dog treats at all stages of the bathing process and follow their bath with an activity they love—like a walk or tug-of-war. After repeating this process a few times, your dog will be excited about hopping in the bath.

Guide to washing your dog


1. After mentally preparing them, start the bathing process by removing any tangles in the coat with a brush.
2. To prevent water from entering their ears and causing infection, it’s also a good idea to put cotton balls in their ear canal.
3. Finally, make sure the water is warm and your shampoo, conditioner and towels are close by.

Washing your dog

4. Wet your entire dog avoiding their eyes and ears.
5. Lather your pup in shampoo, again being very careful to avoid the eyes and ears.
6. Rinse out the shampoo with water or a vinegar rinse.
7. Lather your dog in conditioner, this is also a good opportunity to feel for any lumps, bumps and ticks.
8. Completely rinse your dog again, before you begin the drying process.


9. Remove the cotton buds from their ears.
10. Dry your dog from top-to-toe with a towel or blow dryer, and let them shake off any excess water outside.
11. Once dry, thoroughly brush their coat to prevent future tangling.
Remember to constantly reward your dog with treats after each step and take them for a fun activity afterwards!

Have you got yourself a defiant dog?

It’s important to remember that you should never get too angry with your dog if they’re not fully cooperating, this will only worsen the behaviour. If your dog fears or dislikes bathing you should take him to your local vet for some professional advice.