Define Your Space With Fencing!

December 9, 2015 - 2 min read

Fencing around your home or property can provide more than just security – it can also help define the space and add to your homes look. Here are a few popular fencing choices many Australians are choosing to build with.

The best way to define your home’s entire space is by adding a fence. Whether you want some extra privacy or add a banister to your stairs, fencing brings a whole new level of definition to your home. Check out these types of fences and railings, and discover the best new look for your home.

Classic Picket Fence


Have you always dreamed of having those classic white pickets bordering your home? Having been a popular choice over many decades, the white picket fence still reigns supreme as the “Classic”. Whether the fence borders a cottage or a traditional country-style home, picket fences will tie the whole look together.

Metal Fencing


With Colourbond becoming a more and more popular fencing option, metal fencing is a great choice for the whole home or the pool. Coming in a range of colours, styles and materials, metal fencing complements many types of modern, contemporary and classic homes.

Glass Fencing


The pinnacle of contemporary style, a glass fence allows you to break up the space without hindering your view. If you’re working a minimalist vibe throughout your abode, glass fencing would make the perfect addition. Both indoor and outdoor applications can be very effective—it’s all down to what you want!

Bamboo Fencing


Are you wanting to create the perfect tropical look in your own home? Transform your space with a bamboo fence. The natural look, paired with equally exotic décor will immediately turn your home into a your own slice of paradise.

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