4 ways to transform your walls

July 9, 2015 - 2 min read

Bring some colour or style into any room by transforming your walls! Here are 4 of our favourite trends that can suit any home or budget.

Looking for a way to transform those dreary walls? Whether you’ve recently moved in or just fancy something a little different, we’ve found 4 fantastic options that’ll be sure to put a smile on your dial! From funky wall art to convenient chalk paint, block colouring and modern wallpaper, there are so many ways to make your home burst with character! Think your walls need a bit of tender loving care before they get dolled up?

Chalk paint

While drawing all over the walls may not be for everyone, if you’re one for creating your own unique look, this is an amazing option for you! Perfect for kid’s rooms, offices and kitchens, if you opt for this fantastic (and practical) look, we suggest covering just one wall, as it can look a little heavy for an entire room! Use it to get creative with the children, jot down your weekly shopping list, or just simply because you want it—either way, you’re guaranteed to love it!


Wallpaper is good old house favourite, and for a good reason too! It’s diverse, looks great and can be easily changed! Whether you’re keep to choose something out there for a feature wall in the lounge, or would rather stick to a simple colour for the whole room, this is a great option for you! Just be sure to apply it correctly—because nobody likes bubbly wallpaper!

Wall stencils

Calling all renovating enthusiasts, the new wall craze is here! Relatively new to the market, these fashionable treasures are the perfect way to add instant character to your walls without much hassle at all! Choose from a variety of designs, colours and shapes for your perfect look! Top tip: these are an ideal and cheap alternative to feature art, and look great when applied to plain-coloured walls.

Block colours

Good old block colouring is still around and apparently we just can’t get enough of it! If you’re keen to brighten up your home but don’t fancy going OTT, we recommend this awesome design! For the ultimate look, we suggest colouring one wall out of four to either match the rooms interiors or to create a fashionable clash! Either way, you’ll be over the moon with this fantastic, simple and modern wall choice!