While parents can’t wave a magic wand to protect their children from nasty bugs, you can try to prevent them! Here are 4 simple steps that may help your children stay healthy while in day care!

Washing hands

Teaching children to wash their hands is after using the bathroom and before eating is one big step to ensuring their health. To clarify this simple process, follow these 5 steps:
1. Wet hands and apply a generous amount of soap
2. Rub into hands to make a lather
3. Cover all areas of the hand including between fingers and under the nails
4. Rinse hands thoroughly under running water
5. Dry completely with a clean towel

Feeling ill? Stay at home

Depending on the child care centre, policies on illness can change, however it is recommended that if your child is feeling noticeably under the weather, it’s best to keep them at home. This can help avoid the spread of germs to other children, as well as child care workers.


Making sure that your child is vaccinated—as well as others at the day care centre—is one way to ensure that your child is safe from vicious infections. For more information, speak to your local doctors surgery, medical centre or child care centre on what immunisations they recommend children to have.

Choose a professional child care centre

The truth is, there’s no definite way of protecting your child from getting ill. However, by placing them in the care of a recognised child care centre, you’re able to rest easy knowing they’re in the safest of care. For some great child care centres in Mackay, visit the locations below!

Mackay Cubbie House Child Care Centre
Friendly and welcoming, Mackay Cubbie House Child Care Centre - Mackay
Friendly and welcoming, Mackay Cubbie House Child Care Centre – Mackay

Are you looking for a child care centre in Mackay who delivers outstanding care? Then we suggest visiting the professional and passionate team at Mackay Cubbie House Child Care Centre. Here your children can enjoy a safe and friendly atmosphere that focuses on education and fun. Home to a qualified team of educators, stimulating programs and a secure outdoor play area, your child will have a ball if you decide to bring them along to Mackay Cubbie House Child Care Centre. Want to find out more about this fantastic child care centre? Pop in and say hello to the lovely team today!
Where: 16 Beaconsfield Road Beaconsfield QLD 4740
Snugglepot Kindyland
Passionately run by a professional team, Snugglepot Kindyland - Mackay
Passionately run by a professional team, Snugglepot Kindyland – Mackay

Providing a safe and warm environment, Snugglepot Kindyland is the ideal child care centre for Mackay children. Situated just 2.5 kilometres from the CBD, this lovely location is extremely convenient for working parents who need to drop off their little ones before work. Dedicated to each and every child, this amazing Mackay child care centre goes the extra mile to ensure the happiness and personal development of all who attend. For more information, talk to the professional—and friendly—staff at Snugglepot Kindyland!
Where: 51/53 Grendon Street North Mackay QLD 4740
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