4 tricks to teach your pup

July 18, 2015 - 2 min read

The best way to teach your dog obedience is by making it fun and rewarding. It’s no secret that canines love to be praised—so when practicing, be sure to show them affection. Start off with simple commands such as sit, stay, drop and heel, before moving onto more complex tricks.

Remember that not all dogs can perform every single trick—there may be some that they excel in, and others they find difficult. Just make sure you give them a good crack before moving on!

Looking for something fun to teach your pup? Check out the tricks below!

 High five

The “high five” trick is loved by owners—and dogs—across the world, and is relatively easy to teach. Always remember to praise your pup after every completed command.
1. Start by commanding your pup to sit.
2. Next, hold a treat in front of their nose.
3. Tap their paw and repeat the command “high five”.
4. As your dog raises their foot, catch it with your free hand.
5. Give your dog the treat, a lot of praise and repeat.


It’s not uncommon for dogs to often lick your face, but it’s another thing teaching them to kiss. If you want to wow your friends with your dog’s romantic side, teach them this simple trick!
1. Hold a treat in front of your face.
2. Say the command “kiss” and move a little closer towards them.
3. When they touch your cheek with their nose, pull away (before they lick you) and offer the treat.
4. Repeat the process until your dog fully understands.


Perfect for smaller breeds, skateboarding dogs have become cyber superstars in recent years! If you want to give it a go, read on to find out how!
1. Introduce a skateboard into your home and allow them to get used to it.
2. Praise for any interest they pay towards the skateboard.
3. After a while, begin wheeling the board round the house.
4. Slowly encourage your pup to stand and sit on the skateboard—remember to reward them.
5. Once they’ve become familiar, take it outside and gently roll them on the board backwards and forwards.

Play dead

The “play dead” trick is a great way to teach your dog obedience—as well as impressing the crowds at the same time! Treats at the ready, it’s time to trick!
1. Command your dog to “drop” or “lay down” on his tummy.
2. Gently roll them onto their side and say the words “play dead”.
3. Encourage them to stay there for a few seconds, with their head on the floor.
4. Let them stand up.
5. Give them a treat and repeat the process.