6 modern fireplaces to cosy up to

July 18, 2015 - 2 min read

Looking to install a fireplace to keep your home and family warm during the cooler months? Here are 6 amazing designs to suit any home.

If you’re ever lived in the Burnett area, you’ve experienced the chilled hinterland air. The Burnett region can get especially cold during the winter months, and because of this most homes come equipped with essentials such as central heating or fireplaces. If you love the warmth a fireplace has to offer, but you’re looking for a modern option for a new or renovated home, then we’ve found 6 modern fireplace styles to implement this year.

#1 Sleek is key


Fireplaces this year are less about big, chunky centrepieces, and more about looking sleek. Clean lines, heat-proof glass and chrome all feature in modern fireplaces, making them perfectly suited to newly built homes! Chuck that crumbling brick monstrosity to the curb and replace it with a compact, chic fireplace with gas heating instead.

#2 Hide it in plain sight


If you are looking to incorporate a fireplace into your living area, but don’t want it to look out of place, a popular option is disguising it! Some new fireplaces are raised off the ground and built into the wall, so rather than looking like a fireplace they resemble a flat screen TV.

#3 Mix rustic and contemporary styles


If you still love the charm of an old-school wood fireplace, then you might want to include some rustic aspects for yours. By mixing modern designs such as block colours and clean lines, with rustic aspects such as industrial steel, stones or wooden beams, you can have a charming fireplace that doesn’t look out of place in your new home.

#4 Make it the centre of attention


While we often tuck fireplaces into a corner or hide them behind a grate, the new trend is to make them a centrepiece of the room! Pick a beautiful, interesting design and place it in the centre of the room, or as a divider between two areas to keep the whole house warm.

#5 Opt for an unusual shape


If square fireplaces feel a bit unimaginative for your home, there are plenty of modern designs that play with shapes to create fireplaces that double as structural artworks. An unusually shaped fireplace can add drama and intrigue to an otherwise boring room, all while keeping you warm!

#5 Include the four (modern) elements


If you want a fireplace that screams post-modernism, incorporate the elements glass, stone, steel and (of course) fire. This is a striking look that will transport your home right into 2015. Just make sure the glass is heat-proof!