4 styles that will make you look younger

July 8, 2015 - 1 min read

Wanting to find a hair style that’s going to make you look younger? Well we have 4 styles that can help refresh your look!

#1 Soft curls

Soft curls and light waving is known to create a youthful appearance. A popular style with many celebrities, to achieve this look, simply part your hair and asymmetrically curl with either a wand or straightening irons. Top tip: don’t go overboard with the curls—you want your locks to still look natural, not fake!

#2 Subtle highlights

A great way to achieve a younger look is by getting a few face-framing highlights. When styled around the face, this attracts a more radiant look, brightening your complexion automatically! Be sure to keep the colour subtle, by not veering too far away from your natural colour.

#3 The bob

Now this old favourite is a popular cut, and for good reason too! Working with the bone structure of your face and neck, when this style is cut correctly, it can take years off your look! There’s a variety of bobs out there, so you needn’t go too short if you don’t want to—our favourite has to be ‘the lob’!

#4 Dark colours

You may not automatically think it, but darker hair colours can take years off your appearance. Rich chocolate shades and dark copper tones are both popular choices when it comes to making your hairstyle vibrant and age-defying. Just be sure to choose the right shade to match your complexion!

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Have we missed your favourite age-defying hairstyle? Let us know what you love below!

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