1. Do your research

When it comes to buying anything, Google is your best friend. Read up on the make and model of car you want and the different options available. You can also fin other people’s reviews on different cars too. By the time you walk into the dealership you’ll be well equipped to discuss specs with your salesman.

2. Do you need the optional features?

When buying a new car, there are plenty of optional features that your salesman will probably try to convince you to add with your new car. Features such as rust-proofing and upholstery protection measures are not as important in a new car, as they usually get those features during manufacture. 

3. Know the best times for the best deals

If you like to haggle, you should know the best times of the year for bargaining with a car salesman. Car manufacturers set monthly and quarterly targets for car dealers, so you’ll tend to crunch better deals towards the end of the month or end of a quarter (March, June, September and December). Sales happen often at dealerships, so check up on their sites or catalogues.

4. “Do you want the extended warranty?”

Be sure to read the fine print with any contracts or documents you receive. Extended warranties may only be effective if you go through the dealership’s mechanic. So if you have a trusted mechanic hat you’ve been going to for years, your car’s extended warranty may not be useful.

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Action Auto Group
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Madill Motor Group
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  • New & used auto sales
  • 5 dealerships in convenient locations
  • Sales of parts, heavy equipment & more

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