Cape Hillsborough National Park 
If you’re after a leisurely walk, Cape Hillsborough National Park has a number of short and easy bush walks so you can enjoy the rainforest with your whole family. Take a stroll along the Diversity Boardwalk or the Yuibera Plant Trail to enjoy the surrounds and eucalypt forest.
Where: Cape Hillsborough National Park, QLD 4740
Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort

Incredible views of the nearby beach, Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort - Cape Hillsborough
Incredible views of the nearby beach, Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort – Cape Hillsborough

After you and the family have enjoyed a nice walk, pop into the nearby Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort. This resort has a huge number of facilities and activities, including accommodation and camping spots if you’re just visiting. Don’t go past their café to refuel with a fresh coffee and an ice cream for the kids. If you’re feeling particularly hungry, why not order some fresh fish and chips to feed the whole family.
Where: 51 Risley Parade, Cape Hillsborough QLD 4740


Eungella National Park
If you’ve left the kids at home but are still a little worried you’re physically not up to scratch for a difficult hike, take a short drive to Eungella National Park for a bush walk. Eungella National Park has a huge number of walking trails to choose from, but for a medium difficulty walk we recommend the Pine Grove Circuit for a short two-hour trail, or the Clarke Range Track if you’re looking to spend a few hours in the beautiful nature.
Where: Eungella Hinterland, QLD 4741
Ulysses Garden Café

Try the paleo breakfast parfait, Ulysses Garden Cafe - Eungella
Try the paleo breakfast parfait, Ulysses Garden Cafe – Finch Hatton Gorge

What better way to finish off a bush walk than with some healthy organic food? The Ulysses Garden Café is open Thursday through to Sunday from 10am to 5pm, so whether you were up early exploring the rainforest or dropping in on your way home in the afternoon, you can grab a yummy treat here. Stop in to the tranquil garden café and try homemade treats such as their flourless orange and almond cake and a mug of iced chai. If you’d prefer something savoury, their hearty minestrone soup served with toasted homemade bread is simply divine and will fill you up after a long day of exercise. This is the perfect stop if you’d like to carry on enjoying the tranquil surroundings in the beautiful Eungella range.
Where: 723 Gorge Road, Finch Hatton QLD 4756


Crediton State Forest 
Part of the Eungella National Park is the Crediton State Forest. This area is home to some of the more difficult tracks in the region, so if you’re a seasoned hiker this bush walk is sure to challenge you. Try your hand at the Credital Hall-Denham Range track that is 19.5 kilometres one way if you’re looking for a real challenge; just make sure you pack proper equipment and always stay safe!
Where: Eungella Hinterland, QLD 4741
Platypus Lodge Restaurant & Café

The restaurant is nestled into the trees, Platypus Lodge Restaurant & Cafe - Eungella
The restaurant is nestled into the trees, Platypus Lodge Restaurant & Cafe – Eungella

If you’ve visited the Crediton State Forest for a hike, you’re sure to be starving after completing this challenging track. To satisfy your hunger cravings and nurse you back to life, pop into the Playpus Lodge Restaurant & Cafe for a bite to eat. On Friday and Saturday, they’re open until dinner, but for Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday you’ll be able to visit for an incredible breakfast or lunch to refuel. Order a rump steak or one of the chef’s special chicken burgers served with salad, peri peri, mozzarella and chips for a filling dish. If this isn’t quite to your taste, they also cook an all-day breakfast, so you can choose from favourites such as eggs benedict or homemade waffles.
Where: 534 Eungella Dam Road, Eungella QLD 4757
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