2021 Father’s Day Gift & Activity Guide

Let’s be honest, dad doesn’t need anymore ties. Use our 2021 Father’s Day gift and activity guide to plan the perfect special day, from things to do (even in lockdown) to gifts to wow his socks off, we have it all.

All fathers seem to share certain traits in common, from bad dad jokes to the superhuman ability to fall asleep instantly after sitting on the couch. One thing is for certain, Father’s Day is creeping just around the corner, with Father’s Day celebrated in Australia on the first Sunday in September.

This year, Father’s Day is celebrated on Sunday, 5 September 2021. So, we want to give you a complete Father’s Day gift guide to suit any budget or father.

Figuring out the best way to celebrate Father’s Day is not an easy task. All fathers are unique in their own beautiful ways. From the perfect Father’s Day gifts to a carefully curated list of wholesome activities, this ultimate guide for the ultimate Father’s Day celebration will help you find the perfect fit for your Father’s Day.

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5 Creative Father’s Day Gifts

1.    A handmade card.

Anyone can go and buy funny Father’s Day gifts or a card with a witty joke, but the ones that really mean the most are the ones with a little extra love and creativity. A handmade card completed with a heartfelt message and a little drawing on the side is something Pops will cherish forever. You could also get creative and use Canva to make a professional-looking, but personalised, card.

There are also many small businesses creating and selling cards and personalised gifts for the occasion. Many card makers are even offering custom designs for affordable prices. You’ll help show how much you care, plus help a small business.

Father’s Day Card Idea

2.    A homemade apron.

If your father is the master of the kitchen or BBQ, then he’ll definitely appreciate a homemade apron. Buy a cheap white apron, a range of fabric markers and paints to choose from and allow the kids create a masterpiece for the family’s BBQ master — the perfect gift to honour your father’s dedication to the perfect steak. It is guaranteed dad will be wearing this proudly at the next family event.

3.    DIY tie rack.

A tie rack is the perfect combat to your father’s endless plethora of ties sitting scattered all over the wardrobe. Building a simple tie rack merely requires a couple planks of wood, some nails and a little wood stain. It’s the perfect beginner DIY project which he can use to hang the previous year’s Father’s Day ties.

Of course, some dads are a one-and-done when it comes to ties. If that’s the case, there are a number of other organisation gifts you can get for the wardrobe, including a watch box, sock storage or even a stylish bedside phone dock with a place to put his keys, smart watch or other pocketed items.

4.    A crystal decanter set.

Whether it be a scotch on the rocks or a gin and tonic, we all know daddy-o’s favourite time of the day is when he puts his feet up with his favourite liquor after a long day. Allow dad to feel like an absolute boss with premium crystal glasses and decanter, the Father’s Day gift that he will cherish forever.

If you have a few siblings, get all the children involved in purchasing some whiskey stones, a wine aerator or other related gifts for the ultimate present. You may even choose to all chip in for a subscription box for craft beers, wines or similar, which are all the rage at the moment.

Remember to shop local where you can. Father’s Day gifts should be something your dad will love and cherish for long after the day.

Father’s Day Decanter Ideas

5.    Personalised coffee mug.

For an avid coffee or tea drinker, a stylish personalised mug with dad’s go to corny joke or a family photo is an essential Father’s Day gift. So good in fact, he may even start using it for his water or even better, his beer. This gift is ideal for a first Father’s Day gift that will guarantee a smile on Dad’s face every single day.

Keep cups also make great gifts for any occasion. By stashing a keep cup in the car, dad can get his cup-of-Joe on the go and reduce waste from all those paper cups.

7 Activities to do this Father’s Day

1.    Breakfast in bed.

A timeless Father’s Day classic is the humble breakfast in bed. Whether it’s bacon and eggs, pancakes or his favourite cereal paired perfectly with a freshly brewed coffee, fuel up dad for a day of fun.

If you no longer live at home, surprise dad with some UberEats or Deliveroo to his doorstep, or even organise a family breakfast at a local café. You’re not only getting the whole family together, but you’re also supporting a local business in these tough times.

 2.    Fire up the BBQ.

It’s time to show dad how it’s really done. Take this opportunity to put into action everything the BBQ master has taught you thus far. Ask him for the tricks of the trade and get him involved. This is a delicious way to really show how much you appreciate dad’s time and effort. Bonus points if you cook the steak (or meat alternative) to perfection; either way this is sure to put a huge grin on dad’s face.

3.    Spa day.

Now hear us out; our fatherly figures will never admit how much they secretly love a little pampering here and there. Get the bath running, whack on some of his music, accompanied with his favourite glass of red and dad will be set for at least an hour (or two). Complete with his favourite shaving cream, moisturiser and aftershave, you can guarantee he will be on top of the world after a little bit of me-time.

If you’re able to leave the home, book in a manpering session with your local day spa to add to your Father’s Day gifts. Again, it’s a great way to support a local business who has been greatly impacted over the last 12 months.

4.    Build a fire.

A fire on a cold evening in Australia is a wholesome touch to wind up the perfect Father’s Day. There is nothing more dads love than gathering the family around a toasty fire, pottering around to find the perfect wood for the perfect flame.

As the marshmallows are roasting, share some of your greatest memories of dad (the funnier the better). The simple act of sharing a few fond memories is something that will stick with dad forever. All dads have a sentimental side even if we rarely see it!

P.S. Check with your local council restrictions before building a fire to make sure you’re complying with local laws.

5.    Go for a family or one-on-one stroll.

There is something so blissful about taking a long walk along the beach, around a local park or even just around the block, especially at sunrise or sunset. Whether it’s the sand in between the toes, the serenity of crashing waves or the feeling of pure freedom, get dad out for some fresh air. He will thank you for it later. One of the best gifts is the gift of time together.

6.    Fishing adventure.

Whether you have to rent a boat or pack the rods in the car, get dad out to his secret fishing spot for a budget friendly Father’s Day trip. Be sure to pack a few beers, snacks and sunscreen! Don’t stress if you don’t catch anything; it’s the quality time that matters most.

If your current restrictions allow, book a charter trip for deep-sea fishing for a real adventure. You can even extend the trip for a whole weekend to really spend some time as a family or one-on-one.

7.    Spontaneous Father’s Day road trip.

Pack the bags and load the car; we are going on a road trip! Dad never seems to have the time to embark on his forever desired family road trip. What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than to surprise him with a road trip, day trip or even a cheeky camping trip over the weekend.

If you’re after a truly special day, hire a camper van or luxury vehicle as one of your Father’s Day gifts.

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