What to Watch with Dad on Netflix this Father’s Day

Looking for the perfect movie to watch at home with Dad this Father’s Day? We’ve got you covered with our top 3 Father’s Day films on Stan, Netflix and Disney+.

Father’s Day has snuck up on us once again, but like most things in 2020, Father’s Day is going to look a little different for many Australian families. If you’re unable to be with your dad on Father’s Day, take a look at Netflix Party.  Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension which allows users to watch Netflix films together at home, by providing them with a live chat and video stream for the duration of the film.

So grab some popcorn and take a seat on the couch, here are our top picks for movies to watch this Fathers Day on some of Australia’s most popular streaming sites.

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3 Top Netflix for Father’s Day 

1. Shutter Island.

Looking for a thriller with a twist you didn’t see coming? You can’t go past Shutter Island. Shutter Island hit the big screen back in 2010, starring Leonardo DiCapro and Mark Ruffalo. The film follows the story of Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule, two US Marshals as they investigate the going ons on a remote island asylum. 

The twists and turns in this movie will leave you and Dad guessing right until the last moment.

2. Back to the Future.

There is nothing better than a classic movie to bring the family together, and what better classic movie than Back to the Future. Back to the Future has long been a family favourite since 1985 when the film first debuted in cinemas. The story follows Marty, played by a young Michael J. Fox, as he travels back in time. However, to ensure his safe return, he must make his high-school-aged parents fall hopelessly in love ⁠— but don’t worry, this film is far from a romance.

3. Baby Driver.

If you’re a lover of an action film with a little bit of humour, then Baby Driver will be the perfect film for you and Dad this Father’s Day. This movie is much more than your classic adrenaline-fueled car chase film, following the story of Baby, a former getaway driver who completes his final job under duress. 

Officially certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes, this film has been praised for everything from its soundtrack to brilliantly choreographed car-chase scenes.

3 Top Movies on Stan for Father’s Day

1. Parasite.

Arguably the most talked about film of 2020, Parasite is a South Korean comedy-thriller directed by Bong Joon-Ho. This movie on Stan tells the story of a poverty-stricken family living in South Korea who, one by one, find themselves working for an obnoxiously wealthy family. It’s later discovered the family is harboring a secret.

Parasite explores the complex issues behind greed and class discrimination, making it a thought-provoking, hard-hitting film you have to see. Even though this film is entirely in Korean, it has not failed to capture hearts throughout the world through subtitles —  but don’t let this deter you. Parasite took home not one, but four Academy Awards in 2020.

2. Indiana Jones.

You can’t go past Indiana Jones if you’re after a classic movie for Dad. Each of the films in the Indiana Jones franchise follows the adventure of Dr Henry Walton ‘Indiana’ Jones, a professor of archaeology, as he adventures across unclaimed terrain. 

You’ll find all four Indiana Jones films on Stan, so grab the popcorn and pick dad’s favourite for the perfect Father’s Day celebration.

3. Sully.

Sully first hit the box office in 2016 and instantly became a must-see film. If you already have a fear of flying, this movie may not be for you. It follows the story of Captain Chesley  ‘Sully’ Sullenberger, played by Tom Hanks, as he attempts to make an emergency landing in New York’s Hudson River. Despite the successful emergency landing, Sully becomes the subject of investigations. The movie follows his story. 

Directed by Clint Eastwood, the movie is based on the real-life events of the ‘Miracle on the Hudson.’

3 Top Movies on Disney+ for Father’s Day 

1. The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman is the perfect family film for a Father’s Day night-in. Currently streaming on Disney+, this film is full of feel-good moments and an original soundtrack guaranteed to get stuck in your head.  

The movie follows P.T Barnum, played by Hugh Jackman, as he becomes a worldwide sensation in show business. Set in the 1850s, the film subtly covers issues such as diversity, race and inclusion.

2. Mulan.

The live action Mula is coming to Disney+ on 4 September, just in time for Father’s Day. Originally intended for release in cinemas, Mulan is now heading straight for Disney+. There is a catch though; as the film is coming straight to the streaming service Disney+, even people who are currently subscribed will be charged a one-off $42 to watch the film — still cheaper than your average family pass to the cinema.  

The new live action Mulan will follow a similar storyline of the Disney classic with the same name — Mulan disguises herself as a man and joins the army in place of her older father to join in the fight against the Huns.

3. Anything Marvel. 

If Dad is a fan of superheroes, then Disney+ is where it’s at this Father’s Day. Disney+ is home to almost every Marvel superhero movie ever made, and yes, this does include the latest Avengers film.

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