2020 Christmas Gift Guide — For Your Dog

This year, treat your pooch to one of these great Christmas gifts! Nothing feels better than making those you love happy, so why not spoil your dog! Keep reading to find out what to buy your best friend this year…

Christmas time is nearly here, and while you’re buying gifts for those near and dear to you this year, make sure you don’t forget your dog! Don’t just settle for the same old tennis ball and frisbee gift; spice up your pooch’s Christmas this year and take a look at our Christmas gift guide for your dog. The best part in, they’ll love everything you get them, so you really can’t go wrong.

8 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Dog

1. Personalised collar.

Nothing will make your pooch feel better than a fun and fresh new collar. Many places are now offering dog collars with plaques engraved with a name and phone number. 

If your pooch likes to keep up with trends, be sure to get the matching harness too! Better yet, some brands even now offer matching bandanas, leads and even scrunchies so you can match.


2. Dog toys.

Dog toys are the obvious Christmas gift for any pooch. With so many toys on the market these days, how do you know which brands to get? 

Speaking from someone who lives with a Toy Poodle and a giant German Shepherd, I understand better than most the need for durability and versatility in toys. Forget about soft, stuffed teddy bears; they’ll barely last an hour. I’ve tried even the toughest brands. 

Personally, I find brands such as Chuckit! last the longest in my house, if you’re looking to pay a little less, I recommend rope toys and balls. They’re affordable and have a decent life span.


3. Homemade dog treats.

Love Christmas baking? Why not add treats for you dogs on the baking schedule this year.

We all know not all human Christmas food is safe for your pets, so it’s best to bake them their own treats for the special occasion. Dog treats are easy to make and mostly use common household ingredients.


4. Car seat.

If you’ve got a smaller dog, like me, car seats are a great investment, especially if your dog comes almost everywhere with you. For those who aren’t familiar with the product, basically these car seats look like a dog bed with higher sides. The car seat belt hooks though the back and buckles into the seat. Most will also have a short lead to connect the dog to the seat for added safety. 

*It should be noted, these products are best for dogs under 12kg.


5. Car buckle.

Your dog’s safety on a car trip is extremely important. Many pet owners overlook the dangers of having their dogs unrestrained on road trips. The simple solution is to purchase your dog a car buckle.

These devices are super cheap and easy to use. Simply buy a car buckle as a Christmas gift for your dog, attach one end to your pooches harness and the other buckles into the car like a regular seat belt.


6. Toy box subscription.

Who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail? Dog toy box subscriptions have taken off in 2020, and for good reason. They’re filled with some of the best toys and treats on the market. You can opt for monthly, quarterly or even one-off delivery. 

The best part is many of the subscription boxes are produced by small Australian businesses, so you’re supporting locals too!


7. Personalised bowls.

Etsy is full of talented sellers offering personalised water and food bowls for a Christmas gift for your dog. You can even get ones which have a caricature version of your pup on them  — how cute! 

For the fancy pups out there, you can get filtered water bowls which mimic water fountains. If your budget allows, take a look at automatic food dispensers for your pup to complement their new bowl.


8. Tech toys.

Tech toys for you pooch are like a gift for both of you. The market is flooded with toys to keep your pup entertained whilst you’re out. You can get balls which are controlled by your phone or sensor activated, even fetch machines that can launch your pup favourite tennis ball high in the sky all day long.


Get in contact with your local vet for advice on Christmas gifts! 

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