#1 Drink less – since alcohol is the cause of your hangover, common sense suggests drinking less is the best.
#2 One water every drink – hangovers are caused by dehydration, so hydrating while you drink is the best way to go.
#3 Don’t be a mixologist – by mixing spirits with wine or beer, you’re putting yourself on a one-way train to hangover city.
#4 Sugar is a no, no – drinks high in sugar hide the alcohol flavour and often result in over-consumption.
#5 Don’t binge – your body takes about an hour to metabolise and recover after each drink, so if you binge drink your body doesn’t stand a chance.

Immediate Relief

#6 Rehydrate – drinking plenty of water (or electrolyte-filled fluids) is the best way to rehydrate your body and alleviate your hangover symptoms.
#7 Painkillers – this will help reduce the severity of your headache.
#8 Carbo-load – whether you prefer toast, chips or pasta, carbohydrates will help soak up the alcohol in your system.
#9 Two wrongs don’t make a right – while drinking alcohol the following day may make you feel better in the short term, it is only dehydrating you further in the long run.
#10 Ginger Tea – this herbal tea helps to settle nauseating feelings.

Riding it out

#11 Sleep – A big night on alcohol disrupts your sleeping pattern, so a bit of bit of shut eye will have you feeling like new in no time.
#12 Avoid bright lights – your hangover causes you to become hypersensitive to light and noise, put on your sunnies or just block yourself out from the outside world.
#13 Exercise (yes I’m serious) – while it might be the last thing on your mind, exercise increases the rate your body metabolises alcohol and releases endorphins that will lift your mood.

Perhaps you prefer a cafe-style fried breakfast?

While it’s not proven, many people would agree there’s no better cure for a hangover than some bacon and eggs from your local cafe. We’ve found a few of the best Sunshine Coast cafes that will help with your head-splitting hangover.

Eggs benedict, Crumbz@centrepoint - Sunshine Coast
Eggs benedict, Crumbz@centrepoint – Sunshine Coast

If you live in the Caloundra region, come down to Crumbz@centrepoint for a cafe-style cook up that’ll be sure to hit the spot. Whether you prefer smoked salmon and scrambled eggs or a fluffy omelette, the food here is to die for. Perhaps you think a sandwich and juice combo might make for a better hangover cure? Located at Centrepoint Shopping Plaza, be sure to come down to Crumbz@centrepoint today for a feed you won’t forget – hangover or not!
Where: Centrepoint Shopping Plaza 50 Bulcock St Caloundra Sunshine Coast QLD

Aroma Bliss Cafe
Scrambled egg and salmon, Aroma Bliss Cafe - Sunshine Coast
Scrambled egg and salmon, Aroma Bliss Cafe – Sunshine Coast

For a great tasting yet affordable feed in a quirky venue, head down to Aroma Blissa Cafe and feast your eyes on their versatile menu. While there’s a range of tasty selections available, you can’t leave without trying the scrambled eggs and salmon served with four pieces of toast (there’s your carbs). Only a short walk from Maroochy River, you might even want to grab some breakfast to-go and soak up the sea breeze. Whatever the case, you won’t be disappointed with the quality food, drinks and atmosphere at Aroma Bliss Cafe.
Where: 1/10 Denna St Maroochydore Sunshine Coast QLD

Have we missed your trusty hangover cure? Let us know how you deal with ‘the morning after’ in the comments below!