Helpful tips for litter training your kitty

July 7, 2015 - 1 min read

If you have a new kitten or cat in your home, litter training them is important! Here are our tips to make it easier!

Keep it clean

Making sure you’re regularly cleaning your cat’s litter box is key if you want to have a cooperative kitty. While a litter box is no sanctuary at the best of times, if it’s too dirty your cat will start looking for other places around the house.

Stick to one brand of litter

If you’re having no luck litter training your cat with a particular brand of litter, it might be time to try something else. Once you’ve had a bit of success, don’t change the brand as cats are picky and this could deter them.

Praise is key

Put the litter box along with your precious kitty in a small room in the house – usually bathrooms are best, as they are small and tiled – and make sure there is plenty of food and water. After each hour, check on them to see if they have correctly used the litter box. If so, praise them and let them out for some playtime. If not, do not pay any further attention to them and leave them in there (checking every hour) until they get it.

Still not using the litter box?

While persistence is key, it’s important to recognise when something might be wrong.
Health issues
If your kitty is avoiding the litter box it could be due to an underlying medical issue that is yet to be diagnosed. Take them to your local vet and ensure they don’t have a urinary infection, worms or kidney issues.
Strange behaviour
If your cat is stressed due to changes in its environment – i.e. a new house, people or pets – not going to the toilet could be a sign of acting out. If this sounds familiar, seek professional advice from a vet.