#1 Pack each outfit in a separate bag

Before you even think about leaving on your trip, make sure you’re well organised. Packing each of your child’s outfits in a separate ziplock bag will eliminate the stress of having to rummage through a messy suitcase to find some matching pants and top.

#2 Use an over-the-door shoe organiser for the car

You can pick up over-the-door shoe organisers from most cheap stores—these come in real handy for organising the bits and pieces you’ll need in the car when driving. Hang them over the front seats and within easy reach of little hands, so your kids have easy access to their snacks, toys and activities.

#3 Opt for triangle crayons

Colouring books are one great way to keep kids busy, but it can be frustrating for them when those crayons get away! Pick yourself up a set of triangle-shaped crayons so they don’t roll away on a travel table.

#4 Wet wipes

This may seem like an obvious one, but you can never have too many wet wipes on a family holiday. Pack some in your car, in your luggage, in your kid’s pram, in your carry bag—anywhere they’ll fit! Then you’ll never be caught out.

#5 Embrace thy iPad

Even for those technophobic parents, you might just find an iPad or tablet is your saving grace on holidays. Load it up with your kid’s favourite movies, TV shows, games and educational apps to keep them entertained for hours.

#6 Wrap up new, small toys as surprises

Visit a cheap store before your holiday and pick up a few small toys—whether it’s a new teddy, some toy cars or travel-size games, having little gifts to give the kids at intervals is a great way to keep them distracted.

#7 Pack plenty of travel snacks

Squeezy yoghurts, poppers, and small containers with healthy treats will stop that backseat whining in a jiffy. Even pack some ‘naughty’ treats as rewards for good behaviour.

#8 Make your own ‘scavenger hunt’

Print off a fun checklist of things that they spot while you’re away. Whether it’s while driving in the car or walking around and sightseeing, it’s a good way to keep them focussed and having fun!

#9 Disposable cameras

Kids love to be involved in everything we do, and that includes using our gadgets! Give your little ones their own disposable camera so they can feel a part of the action.

#10 Portable night light

Kids can find sleeping somewhere new unsettling, so pack a small, portable night light to help them feel at home in your accommodation.

Need some great kid-friendly holiday spots in sunny Queensland? Check out our top picks below!


Kalua Motel

Enjoy pool facilities, Kalua Motel - Bundaberg
Enjoy pool facilities, Kalua Motel – Bundaberg

For great accommodation close to all of the attractions in Bundaberg, check into Kalua Motel. They offer a range of bedding configurations from single rooms, up to rooms comfortably sleeping four people. Onsite there are full barbecue facilities and a pool to keep the family entertained. It’s within walking distance to parks, the botanical gardens and other fun activities for the kids!
Address: 4A Hinkler Avenue, Bundaberg Nth QLD 4670


Yorkeys Knob Holiday Apartments

Stay in a spacious apartment, Yorkeys Knob Holiday Apartments - Yorkeys Knob
Stay in a spacious apartment, Yorkeys Knob Holiday Apartments – Yorkeys Knob

Just north of Cairns you’ll find Yorkeys Knob Holiday Apartments—here you’ll find a full range of self-contained apartments, including 1, 2 and 3-bedroom rooms and full houses. With quiet beaches and close to the Cairns attractions, the whole family will be happy staying here! Avoid the stress of going on holiday with full kitchen facilities and spacious rooms. Call today to book!
Address: Various addresses, Yorkeys Knob QLD


Have you got any great tips for holidaying with children? Let us know below!

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