10 must-have additions to your home bar

February 6, 2015 - 3 min read

There are many benefits of creating your own home bar, but, aside from the convenience, one of the best reasons to start one is to save yourself a lot of money. So head down to your local bottle shop today!

If you are considering building your own home bar, here are ten essential items you can get from your local bottleshop to take your home bar from a few beers to an impressive professional spread.
1) Vodka
Investing in some high quality vodka will give you something with little to no flavour that is perfect for basing your drinks around. It will take on the flavour of whatever mixer you are experimenting with. Relatively inexpensive and available in all Gold Coast bottle shops, it won’t take you long to find your go-to vodka to add to your stock.
2) Gin
Despite a lot of people deciding that they don’t like gin, starting yourself off with a a drink that incorporates a subtle amount of it will allow the gin to slowly change your mind. With a little more weight to it than vodka, look around your local bottleshop for an entry level gin to get you started. Something with a little less Juniper will help ease you into this love affair.
3) Tequila
What would a home bar be if it didn’t give you the ability to make a margarita. Any bottle shop on the Gold Coast will stock a wide range of tequilas for you to choose from. Avoid anything with a filler, seek out tequila that is made with 100% agave. Whether it is silver or gold doesn’t matter, find your favourite and let your creativity begin.
4 & 5) Rum
Both light and dark rum should have a home in your bar. Sift through your bottleshops selection and find something that you want to experiment with. Light rum is perfect for mojito’s and every Gold Coast summer’s essential – daiquiris. Dark rum is better suited for anything that you want to taste that little bit richer.
6) Bourbon
A little old-school, grab some bourbon from your bottleshop to add a touch of the classics to your home bar. Not too pricey, bourbon is a good way for you to ease into mixing with its perfect ability to mix and sublime taste on the rocks. As one of the sweetest whiskeys, you’ll find it easy to introduce this old friend to any patrons you may be entertaining.
7 & 8) Vermouth
Whether you like it sweet or dry, picking up a bottle of both red and white vermouth from your local Gold Coast bottle shop can help you add this cocktail superstar to your repertoire. This fortified wine can help strongly support a variety of cocktails, from manhattans through to martinis.
9) Cointreau
Stop spending money on cheaper substitutes, bottleshops all over the Gold Coast stock the superior (although slightly pricey) version on cheap orange liqueurs. This clean and natural orange flavoured mix is a must have for every bar.
10) Absinthe
If you enjoy the slightly more dangerous side of the tracks, absinthe will be a perfect addition to your bar. Though its most famous for its ability to make people hallucinate, this mixer’s intriguing taste can add a new dimension to your drinks. Similar to black liquorice, it mixes surprisingly well. Grabbing a bottle of this from the bottleshop will not dissapoint.
Once you have proper storage and a few extra glasses you will be able to see how economical it can be for you to stay in and invite some mates around. After all, what better combination is there on the Gold Coast than enjoying a feed and a few drinks with some good company in the comfort of your own home?
Do you know of any other home bar must haves? Any secret ingredients that make your cocktails pop? Let us know below in the comments!

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