Your child care centre checklist

June 17, 2015 - 1 min read

time for your little one to be placed into child care? While this decision can give parents a reprieve, some really struggle finding a great centre they can trust with their child’s welfare. Here are some tips to help find a centre that will work for you and your child.

Determine what your child needs

It’s important to know the kind of care your child will require, as this will also help determine which centre is best equipped to take proper care of them. Consider your child’s likes and dislikes, their temperament, learning style and how they play. By understanding the fundamentals of your child’s needs, you can go in more confidently with the right questions.

Consider the elements of a potential centre

Have a particular Southern Highlands child care centre in mind? Some great things to consider would be the centre’s location, security, cost and the centre’s reputation among other parents. These are very important factors that will impact your child’s overall experience at the centre. Don’t be afraid to ask the centre’s staff any questions you may have. These questions can include:

  • Are the staff passionate, qualified and experienced?
  • What is the atmosphere of the centre like?
  • Will the centre keep you updated of your child’s progress?
  • Are their opening hours convenient for you and your family?

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What local Southern Highlands child care centre do you use? Tell us what you love about them by commenting below!

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