Need a hand choosing the right bouquet? Don’t worry—we’ve got all the information you need, including what flowers suit different occasions, as well as some local Newcastle florists to visit for some advice and beautiful arrangements. Discover which flowers are perfect for your special occasion.


Flowers are symbolic for many things, including joy and friendship. While you can’t really go wrong with flowers for a birthday present, if it is for a friend rather than a significant other, go yellow! Not only are they bright and beautiful, but yellow flowers also symbolise friendship, optimism and happiness.


Wedding flowers can be tricky, as you’ve got to try to keep everything to your chosen colours or theme. This can be especially hard to figure out on your own, so be sure to pop into a local Newcastle florist for some advice. Generally, it’s frowned upon to give flowers as a gift at a wedding—so perhaps maybe a card and a different gift may be a better option here!

Funerals & sympathy

If you’re attending a funeral, it can be hard to express your grief or your condolences for the family left behind. Larger arrangements are more appropriate for funerals including chrysanthemums, lilies and roses. For sympathy flowers, you may want to choose something a little more subdued, such as smaller arrangements of daisies and roses. Bright, colourful arrangements are usually best for cheering up a friend of family member.

Dates & anniversaries

Heading out on a first or second date? If you don’t want to opt for the usual rose bouquet, try going for beautiful lavender roses or even tulips are a good choice. These are still beautiful, and won’t send such a strong romantic message. For an anniversary, you should hopefully know your partner’s favourite flowers! Otherwise, red or pink roses are always a great choice as they represent love and passion.

Still feeling a bit lost? Head to these great Newcastle florists who are more than happy to help!

The Flower Palace

Flowers for every occasion, The Flower Palace - Newcastle
Flowers for every occasion, The Flower Palace – Newcastle

For beautiful fresh flowers for all occasions, head to The Flower Palace in Hamilton. With an extensive range of flowers, gifts and hampers, you can pick up something for any event here. Whether you require modern bouquets for a wedding or something just to show your appreciation, you’ll find it at The Flower Palace. Come in and say hi today!
Where: 89 Beaumont St, Hamilton NSW 2303

Wallsend Apple Blossoms Florist
Bright and beautiful arrangements, Wallsend Apple Blossoms Florist - Newcastle
Bright and beautiful arrangements, Wallsend Apple Blossoms Florist – Newcastle

For a florist who goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction, head to Wallsend Apple Blossoms Florist. With more than 20 years’ experience in floristry, you can be sure this florist knows what they’re doing! Call today and enquire about their 50% off giftware sale (including candles, hampers, baby items and homewares) and their 20% off all silk flowers and floral arrangements (cash only and conditions apply for both)!
Where: 99 Nelson St, Wallsend NSW 2287

Warners Bay Florist
Quality flowers at an amazing price, Warners Bay Florist - Newcastle
Quality flowers at an amazing price, Warners Bay Florist – Newcastle

For unique flower arrangements and giftware, call into Warners Bay Florist. From everyday flowers to specialist wedding work and corporate arrangements, you can count on the friendly and professional team at Warners Bay Florist to provide truly breathtaking work. Have a look at their amazing collection today!
Where: 450 The Esplanade, Warners Bay NSW 2282
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