What your favourite flower says about you

June 26, 2015 - 2 min read

Our favourite colours, foods and even flowers can say a lot about who we are as a person. Find put what your favourite flower says about you!

Want to know what your favourite flower says about you? Read on and find out!


The humble rose is a popular choice for all occasions, especially in romance. If you love the rose, it’s likely you:

  • Are romantic and passionate
  • Bring out the best in others
  • Value tradition
  • Strive for perfection


Simple and beautiful, daisies are synonymous with happiness. If you love daisies, you are probably:

  • Adventurous and enjoy outside activities
  • Cheerful and optimistic
  • Love to make others laugh
  • Very loyal and cherish your friendships


Orchids are renowned for their beauty. If your favourite flower is an orchid, it’s likely you:

  • Are classy and sophisticated
  • Are mysterious
  • Have a circle of close friends
  • Speak your mind

Baby’s Breath

This flower is admired for its simplicity and beauty, as well as its ability to be a rustic standalone flower or complementary to any other bouquet. If you love Baby’s Breath, you:

  • Are a child at heart
  • Are a true romantic
  • Love vintage traditions and trends
  • Are cheerful, happy and positive


With their burst of colour amidst the crisp white petals, the lily is a popular flower for all occasions. If the lily is your favourite flower, you are likely:

  • Compassionate, kind and dignified
  • Have an impeccable sense of style
  • Friendly and playful
  • Well respected


Radiating happiness, the sunflower’s beautiful bright petals are the perfect antidote for a tiring day. Love sunflowers? You are:

  • Happy, cheerful and approachable
  • Able to light up the room
  • An optimist
  • Bubbly and energetic


Absolutely breathtaking in bloom, it’s no wonder peonies have captured the hearts of so many admirers. If you’re a big fan of peonies, you are:

  • Sweet and caring with a heart of gold
  • A great listener
  • An elegant dresser
  • Able to make friends easily