What trade do you need?

August 5, 2015 - 2 min read

Have a problem with your home, car, or even your garden but not sure who to call? Here’s the ultimate guide to know who to call!

Have you just arrived home to the ghastly sight of a worrying puddle? Perhaps your car has conked out halfway home? Whatever the case, there’s someone to help—the question is, who? With so many trades out there, it can be somewhat confusing to know who to call when you encounter a problem. To make life that little bit easier, we’ve supplied a guide on what each trade can help with! From building new homes to fixing that old air-conditioning unit, we’ve got you covered. Need some professional help in Cairns? Check out the businesses below!


  • Electricians can handle anything from new wiring fit-outs to electrical repairs and maintenance.
  • They can offer routine checkups for residential, commercial and industrial builds.
  • Professionals in this trade can provide air-conditioning installations and repairs.
  • You can contact an electrician if you have problems with smoke alarms, safety switches and much more.


  • Many companies can help design, construct and complete new homes from scratch.
  • Builders can renovate existing builds; from adding new extensions to knocking down walls.
  • They can offer a range of maintenance and repair services to residential, commercial and industrial builds.
  • Builders can help upkeep and maintain your home, however big or small the task may be.


  • Got a problem with your gas stove? Many plumbers are qualified to work with gas appliances.
  • Professionals in this trade can see to all your drainage problems.
  • Plumbers are trained to install, repair and replace new hot water systems.
  • Dreaming of a new bathroom? This trade can help renovate bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms etc.


  • Mechanics can help keep your car healthy by conducting regular services.
  • They can issue roadworthy and safety certificates.
  • Mechanics can sort all of your motor problems including brake, clutch and suspension repairs.
  • This profession can carry out pre-purchase inspections so you know your car is healthy before you buy.