What to Do in Perth in 2021

Perth is a beautiful Australian city, sitting between the Aussie outback and ocean. Keep reading for the top things to do in Perth in 2021…

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, which is home to warm climates, beautiful beaches and nearby quokkas. It’s also known for being an isolated capital city, situated in Australia’s largest state, amounting to over 30% of Australia’s land mass. With a population just shy of 2 million, the city sits between the ocean and Australian outback, offering visitors a dynamic experience. 

Within this article, we’re going to cover top things to do in Perth in 2021, in addition to tips to make your vacation even better.

6 Top Things to Do in Perth

1. Explore Perth’s CBD.

Perth’s CBD boasts stunning shops and restaurants, some with beach or city views. There are also theatres, museums and art galleries boasting historical artefacts and Australian culture. 

If you visit Perth, make sure to head to the Art Gallery of Western Australia, which has works from international and local artists from the 1800s to today.


2. Sunset cruise.

Sunset cruises are another great thing to do in Perth in 2021. Cruises are a beautiful way to enjoy the day and the city. Perth has great options for cruises, offering great views of the city and sea. From Swan River to Fremantle, there are plenty of cruises for everyone to enjoy.


3. Fremantle.

Fremantle is on the coast of Perth, offering visitors an incredible view of the stunning local beaches. Only 16 kilometres from the CBD, Fremantle boasts great food and drink options, stunning ocean views and great shopping.

Some of the top sights in Fremantle:

Fremantle Prison.

Fremantle Prison once housed convicts from 1850 to 1991. Now, you can take tours here, taking you through re-created cell blocks or the underground tunnels, which takes you on a raft tour exploring the tunnels built by convicts.



Fremantle also has great shopping, especially for second-hand stores. For those with a keen interest in op shops, I highly recommend the op shops in Fremantle, as I found some of the best items when I was there.


4. See the sights of Rottnest Island.


Rottnest Island is Perth’s most famous attraction, known best for its furry creatures. Quokkas may be the cutest thing on earth; they’re always smiling! Make sure to stop by and see this iconic Australian animal. However, don’t feed them as this won’t help them and can make them ill.


Bike around the island (and snorkel).

You can also rent bikes to get around Rottnest Island’s 11km, stopping at viewpoints and beaches where you can snorkel. Little Salmon Bay is a popular snorkelling spot, so make sure to stop here and jump in the crystal-clear water. 

When stopping at the beaches, you can notice the small coral and shell fragments in the sand, especially the orange pieces. For those who aren’t fond of bikes, there is also the Island Explorer, which is a hop-on hop-off bus that stops at the island’s top destinations. 

Local tip: It’s better to rent the bikes on the island rather than the boat. Bikes on the boat don’t have as many gears, so they can be harder to ride.


5. Kings Park & Botanic Garden.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth is an immaculate inner city park, covering 400 hectares with more than 3,000 species of Western Australia’s flora. Visitors are in for a treat when visiting Kings Park, as they’ll be rewarded with beautiful scenery in addition to spectacular views of the city, Darling Ranges and the Swan and Canning Rivers. 

The park is also renowned for its research facilities, horticulture, educational services and conservation. 


6. Wineries.

Perth is also in the state of some of Australia’s top wine regions. There are 9 wine regions in Western Australia, including Swan Valley and Margaret River. There are a variety of wine tours to choose from, each is unique to itself.


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