4 ways to achieve a lush tropical garden

July 10, 2015 - 2 min read

Love the look of a lush, rainforest inspired garden? You can turn your own yard into this! Here are some simple ways to achieve the tropical look while sticking to a budget.

Are you looking for a way to redesign your backyard? Whether you’ve just moved into a new property or are fed up with your old garden, why not opt for a tropical design? From stunning flowers and bright colours to premium furniture and ornaments, there are so many ways to accomplish this desirable look! To make it even easier to achieve your very own tropical paradise, we’ve put together 4 easy tips of what to consider, who to call and what to choose in order to complete this fantastic look. Bring life back to your tired backyard, with the help of this simple step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Landscape design

Choosing the right landscape design is highly important when planning any new outdoor space. Take into account your garden’s shape, size and structure; this will help you choose the perfect style. To achieve a tropical garden, there is a range of different options to pick from including paving, grassland, decking and even ponds!

Step 2: Colour is key

After choosing what garden design you’d like, the next step is to pick the perfect setting. When you think of a tropical paradise, the first thing that comes to mind has to be bright and beautiful bursts of colour. Before you start purchasing furniture and planting flowers, set yourself a rough guideline of what shades you’d like to include within the space. This can be as many or as little as you desire—after all, it’s your very own tropical paradise!

Step 3: Plant choices

There are a range of flowers to choose from when it comes down to a tropical garden design. Some of the most popular species for Queensland gardens have to be frangipanis, birds of paradise, hibiscus and palms, due to their ability to flourish in hot, harsh climates.

Step 4: Outdoor furniture

Last but not least, picking the right outdoor furniture for your garden is what’ll really set it apart from other designs. From hammocks and wicker chairs to laid-back dining sets and ornaments, there is a range of amazing furniture, perfect for a tropical-themed yard—just remember, less is more, so don’t go OTT!