Shaving is easily the most popular type of hair removal around, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best. Shaving your hair is relatively cheap, painless and quick. You can do it at home and the shaving creams used will help keep your skin soft and moisturised. However, many people avoid shaving as regrowth occurs much quicker and appears thicker, as well as being more prone to ingrown hairs.


Having a professional wax is an option many people choose if they want to be hair-free for longer. When a beauty therapist applies the wax and strips it off, it pulls your hair from the root – giving you 2 to 6 weeks of smooth, hair-free skin. While this technique lasts a lot longer than shaving, it’s more painful and costs more – not to mention your leg hairs need to grow out beforehand.


Depilatory creams or lotions are chemical-based solutions that you apply to your skin. They work to break down the hair just below the skin, so you can effectively just wipe it away. While this option is relatively quick, pain-free and can be done from home, it’s been known to irritate sensitive skin and is notorious for its nasty odour.

Permanent Hair Removal

Intense Pulse Light (IPL)
Best for those with dark hair and light skin, an IPL technician will use a machine to destroy the root of your hair follicle using strong beams of light. This is often seen as one of the most effective forms of long-term hair removal, but could take anywhere from 6 to 12 sessions which can burn a hole in your back pocket. However, you may also notice some swelling and redness following the procedure.
Similar to IPL, a trained technician inserts a tiny needle into each hair follicle and destroys it with an electric current. This process takes longer than IPL, so it’s more effective on smaller areas like the upper lip and chin. It’s also a better option if you have lighter skin with lighter hair. There’s a lot of debate comparing electrolysis and IPL, and as yet there’s no clear winner.

Which one is best for you?

Everybody’s skin is different, so it’s important to seek professional advice on the best type of hair removal for you. Here’s a couple of the best Townsville beauty salons for you to try.
Bare Waxing & IPL Studio

IPL treatments, Bare Waxing & IPL Treatments - Townsville
IPL treatments, Bare Waxing & IPL Studio – Townsville

Located in the Castletown Shoppingworld, head on down to Townsville’s only dedicated waxing and IPL studio for all your hair removal needs. With waxing available for both men and women, there’s a service to suit anybody’s needs. Plus the highly-trained professionals and extremely affordable IPL prices means this is your one-stop shop for all your more permanent hair removal needs.
Where: Shop 156 Castletown Shoppingworld Cnr Woolcock St & Kings Rd Hyde Park, QLD
Boheme Beauty & Body
Relaxing surroundings, Bohem Beauty & Body - Townsville
Relaxing surroundings, Boheme Beauty & Body – Townsville

With a versatile range of beauty services available, including waxing and Variable Pulses of Light treatments (VPL), book an appointment with the team at Boheme Beauty and Body today. The staff are passionate beauty professionals who tailor each and every service to your needs. Why not make a day of it? Start off with a relaxing massage and pedicure, before getting those pesky hairs removed with a waxing or VPL treatment. With locations in Townsville City and Kirwan, free up an afternoon and head to Boheme Beauty and Body for day of pampering and hair removal.
Where: 477/479 Flinders St Townsville City QLD

What’s your favourite method of hair removal? Let us know in the comments below!