Upping your lighting game

July 27, 2015 - 2 min read

With TV shows such as House Rules and The Block taking over our television screens, we cant help but be inspired. No longer are lights confined to fixtures in the ceiling or simple bulbs on the wall.

After watching some of the crazy ideas that come out of home reno programmes, you might be feeling the need to take a stroll to your local hardware store and see what can be done in your abode. But where to start—and without doing anything too drastic or expensive? There are many ways you can freshen up a dull room, and one of the simplest ways is through your lights. Read on for some handy tips on upping your lighting game.

Whether you want to shine a new light on a room in your own home, or are searching for ideas to use for a new project, we’ve got you covered with these simple and effective lighting hacks. For all of your installation advice and tips, we’ve also added some Newcastle electricians that’ll be able to help you out.

Make the light the focal point


If you’re staring at a room that is fairly bland and lacking any eye catching decor, why not jazz it up with a hanging light? It doesn’t have to be an opulent chandelier, however a hanging light can really give a room character, as well as build atmosphere. Doubling up as a decoration, it will also save you from cluttering the room. A minimalist feel with a central, functional piece is sure to give any old room a breath of fresh air.

Add functional lighting


Places like the bathroom and kitchen call for functional lighting. When you have a fairly small space to work with, hanging lights can make the space seem cluttered and busy. Consider adding fluorescent strips of lighting, which could also double up as storage or shelving. Your kitchen especially calls for functionality and there’s nothing quite like multi-purpose furnishings! Recessed lights are also a brilliant option for these areas.

Never underestimate the power of lamps


Sometimes, we just don’t need the whole room to be lit. Lamps are an excellent way to add homely touches to intimate spaces like the living room or bedroom. Whether you want the perfect reading light by your bedside, or want subtle light in the background while watching television, both standing and table lamps are your best friend. Find lamps in colours or textures that match your interior, or invest in something a little more eye-catching.