Top tips for the best kids party ever!

August 12, 2015 - 2 min read

Struggling to get creative for your child’s birthday? Well we have some ideas for you. Check out our top tips for planning the best party ever!

Planning the party

Consider these steps when planning your kid’s big day:

Their best friend: ensure that your little one’s closest friend is able to come on the day you’re planning to throw the party. If their little partner in crime can’t be there, the day just won’t be the same!
Food and dietary requirements: it’s vital to be aware of any and all food allergies or dietary requirements, so make sure you ask the parents or put it on the RSVP card. Keep the servings simple, varied and throw in some healthy options.
Ask your child for help: including your little one in the planning process will make them even more excited for their birthday. Ask them if they’d like to theme the party, and, if they’re old enough, get them to help you set up on the day.

Party themes

If your kid wants a themed party, check out these tips for an awesome themed birthday:

Dress up the invitations: allow the invites to complement your chosen theme and send them out well in advance, giving your guests enough time to sort out their costumes.
Dress up the food: think jelly boats for a pirate party, butterfly cakes for a fairy party or biscuit wands for a magic theme. Having a themed party is a great way to get creative in the kitchen, and your little one may enjoy it as much as you!
Have some spare costumes: it’s not uncommon for one of the kids to turn up in plain clothes after skipping the themed invitation. Simply having spare fairy wings or a superhero cape on hand will keep them from missing out on the fun.

Time for bed

Hosting a slumber party? Read on!

Create an awesome sleeping space: depending on their age, some of your guests may be afraid of the dark, even though they’ll be surrounded by their friends. Jazzing up the sleeping area with some soft fairy lights will create a great atmosphere for everyone.
Don’t forget about food: having dinner prepared in advance will make your life much easier. Why not chop up some pizza toppings, get some mini bases and present the kids with a DIY pizza bar? This also works well with foods such as tacos or baked potatoes.


Have you recently thrown a party for your little one? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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