The ‘right’ leash

When you start walking your puppy, it’s best to have them on a short leash. This will help you to have more control over your puppy’s movements, as well as making it easier to guide, train and correct them.

You’re the leader

From day one, it’s important to make your dog aware that you are the pack leader, not them. Taking charge by walking in front will help communicate this clearly to your pup, as well as make the whole experience far more enjoyable for the two of you.

Train and reward

Dog walks are a great time to practice basic commands with your puppy such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘come here’. Remember to reward your dog every time they correctly perform a command—this will encourage them to repeat their behaviour.

Puppy dates

A great way to get your canine used to socialising with other pups, is by organising play dates with your fellow dog-loving friends. Whether you decide to meet up at the local beach, or hold a puppy get-together at home, both yourself and your puppy are bound to have a great time!

Keep it fun

It’s important to keep your walks fun and interactive for your pup. Whether this means visiting a new place every now and again or walking the opposite way around the park, your pup is bound to enjoy mixing it up.

After mastering the basics of walking your dog on the leash, it’s time to give free-roaming a go! For some great off-leash locations in and around Coffs Harbour, check out the spots below!
Hearns Lake Beach *
Boambee BeachThompsons Road Dog Park *
Pipeclay BeachDarkum Beach *
Emerald Beach (North of Fiddamans Creek) *
* Biodegradable dog waste bags are provided

Need to get your puppy immunised before taking them on their first walk? Visit these friendly and professional Coffs Harbour vets who will take complete care of your pet’s health.

Blue & White Veterinary Clinic
Whether your puppy needs desexing, vaccinations or microchipping, the team at Blue and White Veterinary Clinic can help. Located north of the city centre, this local vet is a popular choice with many Coffs Harbour locals who regularly visit with their pets. Looking for a friendly puppy pre-school to take your new family member to? Talk to the team at Blue and White Veterinary Clinic about their regular classes, which are designed to train your dog basic commands and manners. Open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, call up and book an appointment at this much-loved veterinary clinic today.
Where: 226 Pacific Highway Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Pacific Vetcare
Caring for animals of all sizes, you can trust Pacific Vetcare with your beloved pup. Whether you’re animal needs a routine health check or something in particular seen to, the qualified team at this Coffs Harbour vet can help. Noticed your pup limping and want to have them checked over? Home to modern equipment and facilities, you know your pet is in the safest of hands at Pacific Vetcare . For more information on what the team here can do for your pet, give them a call today!
Where: 320 Harbour Drive Coffs Harbour NSW 2450


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